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Contributors: Gretchen Stern and Jannah Said

Yet Another Legend Lost

(Ebet Roberts/Getty Images)

Eddie Van Halen — legendary guitarist and inspiration to many — died on October 6, 2020, from cancer. Family, friends, and fans are all mourning his death and reflecting on his great accomplishments. Van Halen will be remembered as a star in the history of rock music. Click here to read about his amazing life journey. 

Trump’s Balcony Message 

(Photograph by Brandon/AP)

President Trump returned to the White House on Monday after being treated for COVID-19 at Walter Reed hospital. He took off his mask, a very controversial gesture, to proclaim how he had gained so much knowledge of the coronavirus and how people should not be scared. Learn more here

‘Among Us’ Fever

(Photo courtesy of Jannah Said)

The game Among Us, a virtual form of mafia, has risen to fame among young people in the past two weeks. Players communicate through the online server in real time as “crewmates” try to complete tasks and identify the “impostor(s)” before they are all killed. The game has become widely popular due to not only its entertaining concept, but its social aspect as well, and the implementation of game codes allows friends to join a game together. Among Us memes have recently made a noticeable appearance on social media platforms as well. Read the full story here.



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