Pam Beasley loves local jewelry

Jenna Fischer was gifted with a pair of Windblown Jewelry earrings, and she loves them! Windblown creator, Rachel Calhoun, is ecstatic! (Picture permission of Rachel Calhoun)

Windblown Jewelry is a cute jewelry business located in Wake Forest, N.C. They do metal work and make jewelry by hand.

September 9, the day after her birthday, Rachel Calhoun — the owner of Windblown Jewelry– woke up to a pleasant surprise. Calhoun saw her sales were unusually high for a regular day, so she investigated on Instagram. 

Kendra Adachi, author of The Lazy Genius Way (a New York Times bestseller) and Instagram influencer, met Calhoun at a pop-up market in Charlotte. Adachi bought Windblown Jewelry and quickly fell in love with the company. After releasing her book, the PR team received a care package full of her favorite things.

Jenna Fischer, actress who plays Pam Beesly Halpert on The Office, participated in the book launch. Adachi sent Fischer the team care package, which included Windblown studs, along with other goodies.

The Windblown earrings gifted to Fischer were the persisting posts. “The persisting posts are some simple gold earrings that are comfortable and look great with everything,” said Calhoun via email. Fischer posted on her instagram story, exclaiming how much she loves them but “threw away the card!” 

Luckily, Adachi responded to Fischer on her own story, letting everyone know the earrings came from Windblown Jewelry. Adachi’s 79,000 followers “must have gotten excited and started buying,” said Calhoun. The jewelry sales started rising as a result of the story.

The next day, Calhoun’s coworker texted her, saying Jenna Fischer posted another story about Windblown. This time adding a swipe-up link to the Windblown Jewelry website! Fischer has 3.1 million followers on Instagram, so the earrings quickly sold out. 

Orders came in every minute; “It was such a blessing,” said Calhoun. 

Even though the persisting earrings sold out, the Windblown workers set up a pre-order system. The earrings are handmade, so Calhoun let the customers who pre-ordered know that there is a wait. 

Calhoun’s favorite part of the story is her husband’s enthusiasm. “Pam Beasley loves your earrings!” he exclaimed. Windblown’s supporters are also thrilled, which brought the business joy.  

Adachi and Fischer’s impact on Windblown Jewelry was huge. They hit over 10 thousand followers on their Instagram page and made hundreds of sales. They will always  look back on this story “with thankfulness and awe,” said Calhoun.


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