College Tour Series: UNCW


As UNCW tries to recruit students to enroll at their college, it has become more challenging because of COVID-19. UNCW, like most colleges, has adapted and created a virtual tour of their campus that takes students around the campus and gives them information about the college. (Photo Courtesy of Trevor Darnell)

Virtual tours of college campuses have become the most effective way for colleges to show their campus and talk about what they have to offer to students. 

UNC Wilmington has done a great job of converting their tour virtually and giving the students a great look at their campus and what the college has to offer. Here is a link to UNCW’s virtual tour.

The UNCW tour has three parts. The first part, the main tour, takes you around campus and talks about the different halls and other buildings around campus. It takes you to all of the academic halls including, Kenan Hall (home of the department of creative writing), King Hall (home of the Film Studies department), and many more. At each of those buildings, there are pictures of the insides. Some of them even have 360 degree pictures inside of the building that help you feel like you are actually in the building. 

Along with the academic buildings, the tour also shows you some of the other buildings that are around the campus too. One of those buildings is the Fisher Student Center which is also the student union. Unlike the academic buildings, the tour takes you along the halls of the Fisher Student Center and tells you about what is offered in the building.

UNCW has more to offer than just the academic buildings and student center. The amphitheatre, Randall library, student recreation center, and many more are all highlighted during the tour. 

The next section of the tour talks about the housing at UNCW. This section talks about each housing building located on campus and what type of rooms are in those buildings. In most halls there is either a 360 degree or normal pictures of a room inside that hall. The tour also talks about Greek life is like at UNCW and where that is located on campus. 

The final section of the tour is of the Center of Marine Science at UNCW. UNCW is right near the Atlantic Ocean, and uses this to their advantage. UN

CW has an amazing marine science program that includes a whole center of marine science. The tour takes you around the center, including some of the labs that are located in the center, and tells you about some of the research that the students do at the center. 

Overall this tour is very well put together and gives a lot of great information about the college and everything it has to offer.


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