Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Update

To celebrate the upcoming spooky season, Nintendo released a new game patch for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The new patch includes a variety of new seasonal items and features as well as general updates to the game. (Photo courtesy of Keeli Johnson)

September 30, Nintendo dropped a new fall update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons— the biggest update since July.

As soon as you open the game after updating, you’ll find a letter in your mailbox from Nintendo (which is common with their updates) thanking you for downloading the update and containing a new Ring-con furniture piece as a gift. You can also buy body paint and new eye colors from the Nook Stop and fun costumes at the Able Sisters’ shop and Kicks when he shows up.

The most notable feature of the Ver. 1.5.0 patch is the ability to grow your own pumpkin patch. There are also DIY projects that you can make using the pumpkins you grow like the Spooky Carriage, the Spooky Arch, the Spooky Wand, and more. You can get most of the seasonal recipes the same way you’d acquire most recipes– by talking to villagers. However, a few of the DIY recipes can only be obtained on October 31.

Speaking of October 31, there will also be a new seasonal event that day to celebrate Halloween with a jack-o-lantern headed NPC named Jack.

Unrelated to the seasonal aspect of the update is an added feature for visiting dream islands, giving you the ability to choose a destination from a previously visited island as well as an option to favorite an island you’ve visited. Additionally, a quality of life feature that allows you to hide items that are not for sale while looking through the Nook Shopping catalog by pressing the Y Button. 

The update overview video uploaded by Nintendo also hints at another free update in late November with Thanksgiving and Christmas content.

The Halloween update just adds to the already impressive amount of fall content in the game– the Acorn and Pine Cone DIYs available from September to November, the Mushroom DIYs all through November, and the more exclusive Maple Leaf DIYs obtainable only for a few days mid-November.

Overall, this patch is the perfect opportunity for players who went through a burn out to return to the game for the fresh seasonal content.


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