The Versatility of Virtual Learning


Caption: Viviana Straniero relaxing in the sun while virtually learning. Sitting steps away from the beach during math class is definitely one rad way to do school. (Photo Courtesy of Viviana Straniero)

I recently traveled to Florida during the school week and learned what being on vacation and attending school at the same time is like.

During my trip, I grew a greater appreciation for virtual learning because I realized I can now travel and not have to worry about missing class.   

In the past, if a student traveled during the school week, they would miss school and have makeup work. Now, one of the perks of online school is the ability to learn remotely from a hotel or vacation home. 

All a student has to do is log on to their class Google MEET or Zoom call. 

However with the flexibility of the setting comes the need for wifi connection. Without the internet, students can not join Google Meets or work on online classwork. I experienced connectivity issues at the beginning of my trip and missed a class because of it. 

Although school from the beach is nice, it comes with distractions. It’s hard to sit down to work on homework when right out the window is the ocean. This caused me to quickly learn that I needed a strong work ethic to get me through the week. 

Working in a different environment did end up benefiting me overall– I felt my brain more stimulated because of the out of the ordinary workspace. Plus, even though it was hard to do my work, I felt a stronger desire to get my classwork done. 

After finishing the day’s work, it is nice to enjoy the privilege of vacationing without having to miss school.  


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