Taking your First AP over Virtual Learning


The inside of Abigail Ake’s AP Psychology notebook. (Use by permission of Abigail Ake)

Taking your first AP class is hard enough without a pandemic and a virtual learning environment. Abigail Ake, sophomore at Leesville, shares her thoughts and struggles during this situation.

Ake, who is taking AP Psychology this semester, shared her hopes she had before school began. “I really wish that I had this class next semester to get a feel for all the changes,” Ake said in an email. “It’s a lot of work at once, even though I never expected a pandemic to completely change my schedule.”

Despite being online, she loves the class and wouldn’t change anything else. “I wouldn’t change much of anything because my teacher is so organized and very easy to understand,” Ake said. “Also, I love being self-paced and having more time to do everything.”

Ake is taking more AP’s next year, and she shares her thoughts on possible changes to learning an AP during the pandemic. “I think that it won’t be a huge change but it would be small, how the teachers become more used to teaching this way, along with the students figuring out how to learn this way.”

Ake then voiced her opinion on how she thinks she will change with AP courses over the semester. “For me it will get easier but for some they might struggle,” Ake said. “It’s a really different time and I’m prepared to figure out how to make it work for my learning style.”

Overall, Ake is accommodating well with virtual learning and looks forward to other AP’s.


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