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Remembering the Legend

(Photo taken by WFULawSchool, Creative Commons)

Following Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death on Friday, thousands gathered outside the Supreme Court building to pay homage to her life and legacy. Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist, Jacob Wohl, interrupted the mourners’ vigil to mock their effort by shouting “Roe v Wade is dead!” Wohl expressed the hope of many on the right and fear of the those on the left that since RBG is dead, women’s rights to abortions will be overturned. See the tweet here.

A Not-So-Happy Halloween

(Photo taken by Toni Cuenca, Photos for Class)

The CDC is advising people to avoid traditional Halloween celebrations, like trick-or-treating and indoor costume parties. The new guidelines are some of the first to emerge nationally in the U.S regarding Halloween. The health agency recommends lower risk activities to celebrate with family such as scavengers hunts, pumpkin carving, and watching scary movies. Engaging in any large gathering or regular interaction with those outside your immediate household is considered to be high-risk. See the full story here.

Time to “Be Kind” Ellen

(photo taken by ronpaulrevolt2008, creative commons)

On September 21st, Ellen DeGeneres began the Season 18 premiere of her talk show by acknowledging the many allegations of her unfriendly attitude behind the scenes. She addressed the reports by apologizing to anyone who felt she let them down and taking responsibility for the reports. She revealed that she is not always able to live up to her “be kind” mantra as she is only human but promises to work on it. Read the full story here.


Cardi B. and Offset Split

(Photo by CBS photo archive/ Getty Images)

Rapper Cardi B — most recently known for her popular song “WAP”– and her husband Offset from the popular rap group Migos have recently filed for divorce. Their three-year-long relationship came to an end after Cardi B caught Offset being unfaithful yet again. The couple is scheduled for court November 4th in regards to custody over 2-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari. Read the full story here.

A Chipotle Comeback 

(Photo used with permission of Larry Miller)

When Chipotle released carne asada as a meat option in late 2019 it was a huge hit, but disappeared in early 2020 when it’s limited run came to an end. The removal of the option likely upset customers because of how popular the marinated steak was in both tacos and burritos. But now, Chipotle decided the meat option will be returning to stores on September 28th. Learn more about how to get your hands on Chipotle’s newest option here.

What are the new greatest albums?

(Photo by Eva Rinaldi)

When the Rolling Stone originally posted “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time,” many revolutionary artists had not even released their first song yet. This is why the company decided to scrap the original list and start fresh with hundreds of new artists. Now, with 154 new albums being added to the new list, Rolling Stone finally released it to the public. Learn more about how the new list was created here.

A Controversial Question

(Photo used with permission of Gage Skidmore)

After Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, last Friday politicians seem divided on when they plan to fill her seat. One of these politicians is Senator Mitt Romney, who supports the idea of a new nominee before the election. Read more about Romney’s controversial decision here.

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