Avatar the Last Airbender, Why It Blew Up

Avatar the Last Airbender is a phenomenal show that is both gripping and emotional. It has blown up recently over quarantine after its re-release on Netflix and is adored by all of its fans. (Photo in Public Domain)

Avatar the Last Airbender is a television series that aired in June 2010. This light-hearted kids show revolves around people who can bend the four different elements: water, earth, fire, and air. The elemental benders are split up into four different nations: the earth nation, fire nation, water tribes, and air nomads.

The main character, Aang, is the Avatar, the master of all four elements. Only the Avatar can control all four elements. The Avatar is supposed to bring peace and balance to the world.

The story starts 100 years after the fire nation waged war on the other nations, the avatar is supposed to stop this war, but after being stuck in ice for 100 years, there is not much hope left. Two teens, Katara and Sokka, from the water tribe rescue Aang from the iceberg he was stuck in and all three of them start traveling around the world trying to teach Aang all of the elements before he has to defeat the Firelord to end the war. Aang has already learned how to air bend but needs to learn the three other elements in just under a year. The show documents his journey to learn the other elements and defeat the fire lord at the end of the show. 

The journey leads the main characters on a rollercoaster of emotions. Some very low lows, such as when Aang finds out that all of the other air benders were wiped out, or some very high highs, such as when Sokka and Katara reunite with their father after many years of being separated. The plentiful amount of emotional moments in the show help develop all of the characters in the show extremely well without becoming too much. It is a perfect balance.

The show is well animated and the music is phenomenal. Most everything about the show has nearly perfect execution. All of the characters are exceptional especially with characters like Zuko, the fire nation’s banished prince, who starts out chasing the avatar around the world trying to capture him. However, Zuko later changes and realizes that it is his duty to teach the avatar fire bending, the last element Aang needs to learn before defeating the fire lord. Another amazing character is Uncle Iroh, a wise old man who is neutral in the war, that guides Zuko along his path to finding himself. People come back to watch this show for characters like these that can be inspirational to many.

The show was originally put on Netflix but was later taken down. However, recently it was re-released on Netflix on May 18, 2020. Many teens have come back to watch the show they once saw as children or maybe had never seen before. 

After the re-release on Netflix, popularity for the show skyrocketed. People’s love for the show has driven them to create all sorts of content about it, TikTok’s, YouTube reviews, art, and much more that has gotten even more people interested in watching it. Avatar the Last Airbender deserves all of the love it has been getting recently; it is a phenomenal show ranking among the best tv series in the world.



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