Quarantine brings new opportunities

Quarantine is a great opportunity to obtain a new hobby. Pick up something that inspires you. (Photo courtesy of Alexis Taylor.)

Being in quarantine has put a stop to many things that we’ve taken for granted.  We no longer go to school and meet up with friends.  We no longer can go to the movie theater, or out to dinner at a restaurant.  It’s fair to say that much of our social lives has come to a halt.

Even with the quarantine holding back social interactions, there are opportunities for people to learn something new.  

Everyone has been in a situation where they have wanted to learn something new, yet life has gotten in the way.  For me, I have had an interest in learning to play an instrument again (something that I haven’t done since I was in elementary school).

With time now available, people can learn new things, develop hobbies, and enjoy their quarantine without everyday seeming like the movie Groundhog Day.  

If you feel like you have nothing to do and don’t exactly know what you would take interest in, here are a few suggestions of small daily hobbies that I have found quite fun during quarantine.

Cooking – One skill that many people wish to develop is their ability to cook.  Face it; there is going to be a time in your life when you will have to show off your culinary skills to others.  One way to build up your cooking skills is to find a simple recipe and offer to make dinner.  That way, you help out your parents and you learn how to make something that interests you that you can eat.  

Don’t like the idea of cooking on a stove or grill with open flames?  No problem.  Baking is an activity that, depending on the recipe, can be relatively simple.  Just find a good recipe and try it out.

Crafts – Doing something hands-on definitely will help pass the time.  Crafts can be something as simple as painting to something more complex, such as knitting or woodworking.  Personally, drawing whatever comes to mind helps relieve stress.  

Musical instruments – Music is something that unites us as humans.  Everyone has their own taste in music, whether it’s some classic rock like The Beatles and The Rolling Stone or newer music from artists like Billie Elish and Harry Styles.  No matter what style or era of music you enjoy, there is always a form of instrument in a song.  Find an instrument that interests you, and sit down and learn how to play some of your favorite songs.

I, personally, have had a keen interest in the bass guitar for a few years and always thought it would be fun to learn how to play.  Quarantine brought the opportunity for me to go and take advantage of having time to sit and learn how to play the bass.  There are many videos and apps available that teach how to play an instrument, without having an instructor.  

I really enjoy being able to set time in the day to play bass; it’s quite relaxing and takes away the feeling of cabin fever that has developed from being stuck at home for so long.  I highly recommend picking up an instrument and learning to play it, because once you finally get that riff of your favorite song down, you feel like you have accomplished something.

Writing – Many people recommend writing down your thoughts, mainly because ideas don’t stay long.  Simply writing whatever’s on your mind will help pass time.  Personally, writing down an idea or a small quote always brings me inspiration, whether it’s for a story or a lyric.  If you sit down and write what’s on your mind, it could turn into a wonderful work.  

Taking a walk – Walking is a great way to clear your head and exercise.  Set aside some time in the day to walk around your neighborhood or on the greenway trails and just unplug.  Lately, a friend and I have taken time out of a weekday to go exploring in the nearby neighborhoods, making getting out more fun since there is someone to talk to.  Find a friend, family member, pet or just some music coming from your headphones and get outside.

During this time in quarantine, remember to take time to get away from the same day by day iccolated bore of activities to do something you enjoy.  Build up a skill, get good at something —  that way once quarantine is over, you will feel accomplished.


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