Try New Things: Lululemon

Now that spring is here, many girls are strutting in their new Lululemon leggings. Are the $98 leggings worth the amount? 


With the bright spring sun, the reflective Lululemon logo is shining everywhere. Girls are flaunting their leggings, jackets, shirts and many more items. Although almost every item in the store costs about $100, teenage girls are still emptying their pockets for them. 

“A lot of people buy them for their logo. I bought them for the logo at first but now I buy them because they are comfortable,” said dancer Anna Socha. 

The brand became very popular in Leesville in the last two years. ”They are really comfortable and better than other leggings because they don’t rip,” said Socha. You’d think the brand had just come out, but in fact it’s been around for 22 years. 

“My mom used to wear it a lot ,and then I started wearing them,” said junior Alexa Hornshuh. If you look back at some episodes of Dance Moms from 2014,  you’ll notice the girls rocking a pair of Lululemon leggings. 

Around fall, girls on the app “Tik Tok” began showing several of their Lululemon items with the song “TTYLXOX” from the Disney show Shake It Up. Our very own Leesville Loonie, Alexa Hornshuh shutdown the challenge when she made a video of her Lululemon collection. “I probably own more than 50 items from Lululemon,” said Hornshuh.

I was curious what all the hype on the leggings are, so I went to my local Lululemon store and bought a pair of these $98 leggings. I wore the leggings to my winterguard audition which consisted of across floors, a dance routine and a flag routine. Throughout the whole audition the leggings stayed up — I didn’t have to yank them up at all or worry about them sliding down. It was a very good experience: The leggings basically glue to your body.

Currently, the Lululemon leggings are the trend but as soon as the warm weather returns the famous Lululemon “Speed Up Short 2.5” Linerless” that have several dress code violations will make a huge comeback! The “Speed Up Short 2.5” Linerless” were the first of Lululemon to come around, although they sometimes rise up they are still comfortable. Not only do they rise up, they also slide down when participating in physical activities. Even with these major issues, the shorts are still very popular in the warm weather. 

No matter what the season it is, Lululemon will be the trend, from leggings to shorts or shorts to leggings. Women and girls are loving it! 


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