“~how i’m feeling~” Review

 Lauv’s debut album is a masterpiece, attributing modern technology to the rewiring of young adults’ brains and emotions. “~how i’m feeling~” uses indie pop tones to deliver a unique but gorgeous product for listeners. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)



Lauv, singer-songwriter from California, released his 21-song debut studio album “~how i’m feeling~” on Friday, March 6. Before dropping the rest of the album, Lauv had already released 10 of the songs. The blooming artist sings about love, depression, heartbreak, and friendship as he explores his individual experiences throughout young adulthood. 

More than anything else, “~how i’m feeling~” discusses what coming of age feels like in an era where social media takes precedence in young people’s lives. Lauv incorporates the mentions of modern technology several times to explicate how texting and social media platforms have transformed friendships and relationships alike. While a sense of closeness and comfort can be found via others online, an endless abyss of loneliness and isolation easily have the ability to overcome all else. 

Lauv illustrates two sides of himself throughout the album: the wistful, yearning but hopeless romantic and the sad, distant but drug-happy socialite. Songs like “For Now,” “Invisible Things,” and “Lonely Eyes” poke at strong feelings of comfort and affection towards another, even knowing that his lover is not the perfect person all around. Other tracks such as “Believed” and “Tell My Mama” lead listeners to the idea that Lauv’s life is not the picture perfect ideal that it is assumed to be. On these slower, darker songs, he creates a quiet but present sense of desperation and alert of his disconnect from those around him. 

Many songs on “~how i’m feeling~” encompass artist features that establish the concept of a mutual feeling between Lauv and his accompaniment. From Sofia Reyes to BTS to Troye Sivan, the California artist brings in many different styles to help better articulate his feelings. 

Sofia Reyes allows Lauv to demonstrate his fun, flirty persona in “El Tejano,” a tune about falling in passionate, fierce love. BTS joins Lauv on “Who” to further the feeling of emptiness and falling out of love with a person who has changed over time. Lauv and Troye Sivan sing “i’m so tired…” together as a demonstration of how their frustration with modern relationship standards brings them to feeling isolated and detached. 

Through and through, the lengthy but beautiful debut album of Lauv incorporates many varied but powerful emotions that modern youth experience every day. “~how i’m feeling~” is not only an accurate representation of fast-paced young adult culture but also of the harsh realities in everyday life due to social media influence and societal expectations.


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