Why Science Olympiad?

Members of the LRHS Science Olympiad team are offered various opportunities and benefits for academic and collaborative growth. Members of the LRHS Science Olympiad team find the club interesting and engaging from these benefits. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Harper) Left: Cecilia Gallegos Right: Elizabeth Fleming

What interests and benefits does the Science Olympiad club have to offer? How do students improve their academic and communication skills? The LRHS Science Olympiad team holds various benefits to its members, providing a hands-on experience in an out-of-the classroom environment. As a member of the LRHS Science Olympiad team, students are given the opportunity to explore science outside of the classroom while collaborating with others. 

Most of the LRHS Science Olympiad members joined the club for its benefits. 

Sean Ohmann, former LRHS Science Olympiad member, said he joined the club because of his passion for science studies as well as the benefits that come with the Science Olympiad team. “It was a really good way to explore science outside of a classroom setting. You get more ‘real life’ experience as opposed to doing lessons and copying notes,” said Ohmann. From being a Science Olympiad member, Ohmann claimed his skills and intelligence improved in the classroom as well. “Being a member of the Science Olympiad team boosted my grade as well as I got more of an understanding of the science material in class.” 

One of the top benefits that come with being a Science Olympiad member is the influence it has on college resumes. Like other members, Ohmann said he joined the Science Olympiad team to improve his resume for future college applications. “It’s definitely something cool and interesting you can put on your resume,” said Ohmann.

With such a title as ‘LRHS Science Olympiad Member’ on an application, college universities are more likely to approve those who can boast such a role. Christine Sarikas, an author writing for PrepScholar, explains how being a Science Olympiad member is impressive to include on a college application. “…participating in the Science Olympiad will give you the opportunity to learn about multiple areas of science and develop research and writing skills. If you’re planning on majoring in science, this will be an even bigger bonus because participating in Science Olympiad will show schools that you’re interested enough in science to want to learn more about it outside of class. Colleges want to admit students who are passionate about the subjects they plan on studying and majoring in,” said Sarikas. Sarikas’s perspective is to show colleges that a student is knowledgeable enough in science, diligent when collaborating, and willing to enroll in extracurriculars. Sarikas believes students who are able to provide all three, will own an advantage when applying for college.

As a member, one’s knowledge of specific science is specialized and more thorough than inside the classroom. Members are given the opportunity to improve their knowledge of specific sciences and excel past others. Ohmann said that his experience as a member was very particular and advanced compared to someone learning within a classroom. “In Science Olympiad, you tend to have a more specialized and personal range of lessons rather than a widespread interpretation of the task. Instead of a very broad perspective of what we were learning, it was very specialized to our degree,” said Ohmann.

Lauren Harper, Leesville Road High School science teacher, is the head commissioner and manager of the Science Olympiad team. Harper explains how students who participate in the science olympiad have a better opportunity when applying for college. She also notices how science olympiad students learn necessary life skills including collaboration, independence, and responsibility. “Science Olympiad helps team members become more independent and more responsible for themselves and their teammates. During competitions, students are paired with another member, which forces them to cooperate and socialize with each other,” said Harper. 

Unlike the standard science classes at LRHS, the workload and knowledge for Science Olympiad is more intensified and more in depth. Harper says her students are more knowledgeable and above the standard science levels. “The science workload in the Science Olympiad is way more intensified. For example there is one specific event called ‘Chemistry Lab’, in which the students are required to set up and record the lab. The lab is 100% AP level, in which standard science students wouldn’t be capable of completing,” said Harper. The science performed in Science Olympiad is far past the scope of the science taught within standard courses at Leesville.

From personal science interests to college resume applications, members of the LRHS Science Olympiad team benefit in many ways. The LRHS Science Olympiad team gives its members the opportunity to advance in their science academics and collaborative growth, as it prepares them for real life science scenarios and personal hands-on experience.


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