How to avoid slacking off during second semester


With students moving into the new semester, productivity is key. Staying focused and clear on goals is essential to move smoothly through the semester. (Photo courtesy of Lyric Chassin)

Every Leesville Road High School student can recall a time that they felt unmotivated with their school work. The transition from first to second semester brings a lot of new changes and often, a decrease in productivity for students.

Third quarter is by far one of the strangest times of the school year. Students have just completed a full semester and are instantly moving into a new one. The sudden shift in courses can lead students to lose their stability in school work.

To avoid the feeling of laziness and stay motivated in second semester, there are several steps students should follow. These steps have the potential to maintain a students ambition and continue pushing them forward academically.

1.) Set new goals

Students frequently forget that everything they do in a class affects their overall grade and in the end, their future. Having just finished four classes, students should want to improve in their new courses. For example, if a student made it on the A-B honor roll last semester, they might want to push themselves harder and try to make A honor roll. By doing this, students provide themselves with a motivating factor in their classes instead of strolling along in hopes of getting the rest of the year over with.

2.) Ground yourself

Establishing a time schedule for tasks can help a student to stay on track. If they continue to be productive and accomplish their work as they move into second semester, the habit will be strengthened as time goes on.

3.) Care for yourself

Making sure that you are stable enough to work hard is important. Some ways to do this are getting rest, eating healthy foods, and drinking water. Maintaining your health and treating your body well is key when it comes to feeling your best. Feeling your best physically can channel into feeling your best mentally.

4.) Take breaks

When you are studying or working for long periods of time, it is easy to get burned out. By taking breaks, you allow yourself to relax and also conserve energy at the same time. Instead of cramming information all at once, you space out the “study periods” and help your brain retain the material better.

5.) Keep the future in mind

If you slack off now, it can negatively affect your future. Pursuing your goals and working hard today will lead to a better tomorrow. Your everyday life defines your future and can be the make-or-break point of success.

Overall, staying focused and productive during second semester will not only pay off later, but make you a better person — academic wise — now. If you follow these steps this semester, your future self will thank you.


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