The Bachelor is overrated


Season 24 of the Bachelor premiered on Monday, January 6. This season features Season 15 the Bachelorette favorite, Peter the Pilot (Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Stocum).

Probably one of the most popular reality shows in America, the Bachelor returns to the TVs of sobbing girls all over the country.

I might be among the minority when I say I don’t really like the Bachelor or Bachelorette. I attempted to watch a couple of episodes of Season 15 of the Bachelorette last year, but while everyone was crying I was cracking jokes of what were sweet or romantic moments. 

I think it’s a waste of time honestly. Maybe that’s just my general dislike of reality TV shows, but I just don’t understand the draw. These people that are supposedly “just like us” don’t act anything like us. 

Most of the time contestants are given scripts and told what to do in order to create more drama. I don’t see this as real no matter how much drama it creates.

My biggest difficulty in understanding why so many people watch the Bachelor is the hypocrisy that it presents. Contestants claim to go on the show to find love, yet a majority of “winners” end up breaking up/divorcing their respective Bachelor or Bachelorette. Or, in the case of Season 15 winner, Jeb Wyatt, he went on the show originally to boost his music career, but ended up “falling in love” with Hannah Brown, the Bachelorette. 

Fast forward to the final episode, Hannah picks Jeb, he proposes, all is fine and well until the next episode comes out. Hannah reveals that Jeb had a girlfriend throughout all of the show, including the proposal, so *shocker*, Hannah and Jeb broke up.

It’s situations like that which make me question the “reality” of the show. Did Hannah know that he had a girlfriend the whole time, or was she just faking it in order to boost show viewings? Even so, the episode garnered 7.48 million viewers, which doesn’t come close to Season 3’s 11.33 million viewers.

Personally, I would much rather watch something like the Great British Bake-Off, which involves competition, but is light-hearted and fun. But if someone wants to watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette, be my guest.


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