North Sentinel Island

This is an aerial photo of North Sentinel Island. It would be a lot harder to get a closeup shot on the island because you would most likely be attacked as soon as you set foot on it. (Photo courtesy of Public Domain)

North Sentinel Island is a little tropical archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It features nice sunny weather, quiet scenery, exotic wildlife, and an entire native population, the Sentinelese. It would be the perfect place to go for a great vacation if you’re going to hang out in the sun. Well, it would be, if the Indian Navy did not patrol it. 

Yes, that’s right, North Sentinel Island is under the watchful eye of the Indian Navy. No one is allowed within five nautical miles of the island and for good reason. When I mentioned the Sentinelese, I never mentioned how friendly they were. They are a primitive tribe who have had little to no outside contact with the outside world, which anthropologists (someone who studies life of humans in the past and present) love to study. The island is also closed off because the indigenous tribe is hostile to anyone who comes in contact with them, having killed a missionary who was travelling close to the island. 

Another thing about the Sentinelese is that they have not even discovered fire yet. According to anthropologists, such as Triloknath Pandit and John Allen Chau, who study the island, “They wait for lightning to strike and try to keep the embers burning for as long as possible.” 

Unless you are a seasoned anthropologist or are very interested in the subject, do not mess with North Sentinel Island or the islands natives. The Indian Navy and the United Nations are only trying to keep everyone safe and sound away from the island, so stay five nautical miles away from the little but dangerous archipelago. If you wish to study it further, then there are some really helpful websites you can visit, such as North Sentinel Island’s wikipedia page or this great article on the island. 


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