Inside the Science Olympiad Competition

The Leesville Road High School Science Olympiad team visited Southeast Raleigh High School to compete in the science olympiad high school competition. Representatives from the LRHS science olympiad team competed against other various high schools within the triangle as they showed off their projects and experiments to be scored. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Harper) Top row (from left to right): Robert Kenney, Renee Muthakana. Bottom row (from left to right): Anna Hutchins, Ethan Ebbighausen, Cecillia Gallegos, Elizabeth Fleming.

After months of preparation, the LRHS Science Olympiad team visited Southeast Raleigh High School to compete in the Science Olympiad competition. Representatives from the Science Olympiad team displayed several crafted machinery and experiments as they competed against other Triangle schools.

The LRHS representatives arrived at the competition Saturday morning around 8:30am in order to set up their projects and experiments. Once the competition began, the representatives displayed their work in a showcase, where judges examined each project and experiment. Some of the experiments the team displayed included projects of protein modeling, ping pong parachute testing, and geologic mapping. Each of the experiments represents a specific science course provided at Leesville Road High School. 

At the beginning of the competition, the LRHS team split into four separate work groups, each assigned with a different display project/experiment. The four groups are based on certain science courses, including chemistry, physics, environmental science, and biology. Each group is then tasked with a project or experiment that resembles the course. For example, the chemistry group is assigned with an experiment regarding the earth’s elements. The LRHS representatives must use their knowledge of the assigned course to answer any questions regarding the experiment.

Reese Layh, LRHS science olympiad member, said she worked on environmental science based experiments regarding water quality and dynamics of planets. “Both of my events/experiments were considered test events. For the first experiment, my partner (Robert Kenney) and I worked together to use a salinometer that we built to test the solidity of water. We then used our environmental science studies and knowledge to answer questions regarding our experiment.”

After approximately 10 hours of displaying projects and experimenting, the Leesville Road High School science olympiad team received multiple awards of recognition for their effort and hard work that was put forth into the experiments and competition showcase. Although the LRHS Science Olympiad team did not place first, the team is proud of their hard work and efforts. The LRHS science olympiad team plans to be back next year to present more projects and experiment with new ideas.


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