All the Hate Against Meghan Markle is Completely Unwarranted

Ever since her wedding, Meghan Markle has been besmirched by British media and commentators. It has gotten to the point where Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have decided to leave the Royal Family all together. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

In May of 2018, the marriage between American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was making headlines on every media outlet. People had Royal Wedding parties, onlookers all over the world viewed the ceremony, and historians marked the event as the day Britain got its first black member of the royal family. However, now if you open a British newspaper, turn on the TV to listen to Good Morning Britain, or surf the online media sites, you’re likely to see negative coverage of the Duchess of Sussex. 

Media personalities such as Piers Morgan, a Good Morning Britain host , and Katie Hopkins, a columnist known racist and anti-Semite, seem to constantly be slandering the Princess. Hopkins went as far as making a video while dressed up as Markle and mocking her. The video was eventually taken down. 

Many, including myself, blame the negative coverage on nativism. British media seems to attack Meghan Markle at every chance for the sole reason she isn’t your typical royal born, silver spoon Brit. If you look at the articles about Kate Middleton versus Meghan Markle, they’re complete opposites. The articles about Middleton are mainly positive and compliment the Princess, but when Meghan Markle is the subject of those articles the mood seems to turn sour. The media outlet Express seemed to faun over Prince William giving Kate Middleton avocados for her morning sickness, but when Meghan Markle likes avocado toast, Express say it’s linked to human rights abuse and millenial shame. When Kate Middleton held her bump while pregnant, the DailyMail said Middleton was “tenderly cradling her baby bump”, but when Meghan Markle holds her bump, the DailyMail asks if she’s doing it for pride or vanity. There was no problem when Kate Middleton had a flower bouquet at her wedding, but when Meghan Markle had flowers for her wedding, Express said Markle was putting Princess Charlotte’s life at risk. 

Even after Meghan and Harry stepped down from the Royal Family because of the hate from the media, the DailyMail continued to harass Markle. After a hidden photographer snapped a shot of Markle taking her infant son and dogs on a walk, DailyMail zoomed in to make it look like Markle was right in front of the camera and posted on their Snapchat story that the internet was “mocking her” for the way she was holding the baby carrier. Then the DailyMail decided to slam the couple for supposedly living on former indigenous people’s land in Canada and not acknowledging it. It’s not like every non-native person living in North America is living on former indigenous people’s land and DailyMail is only bringing that up now because attacking Meghan and Harry is one of their big money makers. 

There’s no reason for all the hate against Meghan Markle. She’s done nothing wrong, but British media seems to be constantly condemning her for the most menial things, things that were fine when it was Kate Middleton but as soon as Meghan Markle does them it’s a travesty. The bottom line is Meghan Markle is just trying to live her life and raise her family, she doesn’t deserve all the attacks thrown her way. The media has a serious problem with over dramatizing things, and this is no exception, they need to leave Meghan Markle alone and drop their vendetta against her. 


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