Crocs Really Are The Best


 My blue Crocs have many Jibbitz, some with significance and some that I thought were just pretty. The N and G are my initials, but the yin and yang symbol I thought looked really cool. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)

My dad has collected nice shoes from a very young age; he blew through several pairs of Air Force Ones in his teenage years. He saved money from part-time jobs to buy nice kicks for every occasion. Naturally, I’ve been raised to believe that your “shoe game” is a part of who you are as a person. This may sound a bit materialistic yet my dad has a point. If you work hard enough, you can obtain what you want. 

On that note, I’ve spent years perfecting my shoe collection. Some might call it basic, and that’s okay simply because it is. I have my fair share of slip-on Vans, Nike sneakers, and Birkenstocks. However, my 16th birthday, I decided to treat myself to a new kind of shoes. In the mall, I walked past the Crocs store and had to turn around immediately. I don’t know what particularly caught my eye, but I had to look inside the store.

I walked in and saw walls covered in Crocs’ signature rubber clogs alongside the flip flops and boots the company has more recently started to sell. Every color of the rainbow lined floor to ceiling of the store, so naturally I was a little in awe. Fortunately, an employee quickly came to my rescue and helped me pick out my very own pair of aquamarine Crocs. She then continued to show me Jibbitz, possibly the best feature of the shoes. 

Crocs have holes in the top that allow wearers to insert Jibbitz, small plastic charms to decorate the shoes. From letters to tennis balls to rainbows to surfboards, there are hundreds of Jibbitz to adorn a pair of Crocs with. Every person can specialize and design their pair of shoes to best fit their style, allowing for creativity and individuality. 

Another great feature of Crocs is the material they’re made out of. The rubber is waterproof and is easy to clean. Therefore, the shoes are versatile. People can wear Crocs for outdoor exploring or hanging out. The best physical feature of the shoe, however, is probably what has become a meme. 

“Chill or sport mode” is a common question for those who wear Crocs. As absurd as this sounds, users set the strap on Crocs in two different locations that indicate which mode they are in. Chill mode means that the strap is flipped up, and the wearer can easily slip their foot in and out. Sport mode means that the strap is flipped down, and the wearer’s foot is more secure for times when they may need to break into a sprint. Some wearers have their preference of mode but no matter which way, Crocs are great. 

Overall a very comfortable, adaptable shoe that can be modified to one’s liking creates the Crocs brand. Coming in at a low $35 as a base price, the shoes are also rather affordable. All around, Crocs are a great invention and a valuable investment. 


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