My Christmas Wish List (Satire)

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It’s always so exciting to get all kinds of stuff! These are one of the several pairs of shoes that I want. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)

My name is Katharyne Mairey Elizhabeth, and I’m so excited to tell you guys about what I’m asking my parents for for Christmas this year!! Or should I say, what I’m getting for Christmas this year — Dad is the best, and I know he will buy me whatever I ask for.

First things first: I turned 16 this year. My parents gave me some kind of 2020 Lexus as a present, but to be honest I kind of hate it. All of my friends got their own Jeep Wranglers, and I really, really, really want my own blue one! Then, we can all take fun pictures on top of our cars. I really just want to fit in, be a part of the group, and get more likes on Instagram. On that note, my first wish is a blue Jeep Wrangler.

Secondly, Apple just released new iPhone models. I got the XS Max for Christmas last year, but this year, I really want the iPhone 11 Pro max. It has night mode and it’s got three different cameras!! People have said it kind of looks like the aliens from Toy Story, but whatever. My phone is already a whole year old and barely evens work anymore. 

Apple also released a new version of Airpods. I’ve had the original, first version of Airpods for TWO years and they’re so old and out of style. So from Apple, I’ll be getting a new iPhone and new Airpods.

This year, a ton of new shoes have come out, and I’m going to get a bunch of pairs so that I have the newest and the best, as always. The list of shoes I want includes Nike Air Force Ones, Tall UGG boots, Nike Air Max 270s, white Slip-On Vans, Timberland boots, Adidas Ultraboost, New Balance sneakers, Doc Marten boots, Birkenstock sandals, and white Converse. I know it’s not very many, but they are so cute! My closet space for shoes is looking super empty anyway, I have only 30 or 40 pairs in there right now. 

My car, electronics, and shoes are only three of many, many things I want for Christmas. Lululemon clothes and a Michael Kors purse are among the other top items on my list. Hopefully “Santa” will give me everything I want! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!! 

— Love, Katharyne <3


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