Bond Touch Bracelet Review


The Bond Touch bracelets are cute, small black bands. They illuminate with a color of choice when your partner sends a vibration. (Photo courtesy of Rachel Fearn)

Long distance relationships are becoming more common as students graduate from high school and move to a college further away. Most of the time it’s hard to make time for one another, and distance isn’t always beneficial. Sometimes a simple touch can do the trick, which is why Bond Touch bracelets were created.

The small, black bracelet is a distance-breaking invention. Each partner gets one and links the bracelets by bluetooth through an app called bond touch. This lets each individual check their battery life on the bracelet, choose their partner, or customize touches.

When double tapped, the Bond bracelet awakens, illuminating the color of choice. You can then send a personalized vibration to your partners bracelet, where they will receive your touch exactly the way you sent it.

I purchased two Bond bracelets for my boyfriend and me in mid-November, for a total of $104. In my opinion, they are quite expensive for a small bracelet, but they are worth it. Dating someone in New York can be difficult, so I hoped these bracelets would help the distance. These bracelets are a wonderful invention for when your partner cant talk or text you if their busy. It can still send a vibration to let you know they’re thinking about you.

Yes, these bracelets are quite the technological advancement for long-distance relationships, but they do have their flaws. Being as small as they are, the bracelets can be lost easily if taken off. Also, they often become disconnected and therefore stop working for the time being. If one does not realize, it can be hours before the bracelets are reconnected.

Different from a majority of other electronics, these bracelets take special chargers that fit only to the bond bracelets. If one was to break or lose their charger, it could only be replaced online or through the Bond app.

Despite these issues, the bracelets are adorable and fit for both men and women. Since the bracelets are black, they are non-gendered and don’t need to be between a couple, but can also be between friends or family.

Overall, the Bond Touch bracelets are a genius idea for long distance relationships, making a great for you and your boo. These bracelets can be purchased on Amazon or on


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