Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Nextdoor is a newer social media platform that brings members of a neighborhood together. Amid the complaints and trouble, the app can be extremely helpful. (Photo permission to Wikimedia Commons)

Founded in 2008, Nextdoor is a neighborhood social networking app that connects members of the same and surrounding neighborhoods. Users often discuss local news, recommend services, and interact with the people that live around them. However, Nextdoor has become plagued with the nuisances of North Raleigh.

The first and foremost inconvenience that many people complain about on Nextdoor is driving. Every person receives a bit of different instruction when first learning how to drive, depending on who their parents are and where they’re from. As Raleigh continues to expand, more drivers are coming to the city from other places in the country. This growing culmination of driving styles creates for more and more drama as residents continually disagree about how to drive. Also, an age gap makes for even stronger arguments among residents. Young, inexperienced drivers are constantly criticized for their minor mistakes. Some people on the app do stand for being respectful on the road no matter what, yet the amount of unnecessary complaining has skyrocketed as people have found a new forum for their objections.

Another topic on Nextdoor in North Raleigh that sparked lots of commotion recently is the coyotes of the city. As construction continues to impede on the grounds of Umstead State Park, coyote habitats are destroyed and the animals are forced to leave their homes and venture into residential North Raleigh. Although the creatures are mostly harmless and extremely afraid of humans, people are extremely concerned for their pets and their own well being. Of course, those with some knowledge about animals know how to better handle encounters with coyotes and that eradicating the species is inhumane and can mess up the entire ecosystem. 

Nextdoor is a breeding ground for argument. From driving habits to wild animals, the app allows users, with apparently nothing better to do, to complain and argue about every single topic possible. Nonetheless, the app has its benefits and upsides. 

Nextdoor connects families to their lost pets, helps people sell their own product/service, and allows new residents to become a part of the community. Nextdoor helps bring a sense of togetherness and hope among residents during harsh weather or hard times. If the users found a way to express their opinions more constructively, Nextdoor could be the next best thing of modern technology for neighborhoods.

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