How to be more confident

Finding yourself in a world of hate, social media influencers with “perfect” qualities, and beauty standards is hard, however it is very much achievable. If you have low self-esteem, you can fix that with time and discipline. (Photo courtesy of public domain)

Not being confident can lead to the downfall of one’s entire life. When people see that you are not the most confident person they try to take advantage of you. Most famous people and leaders around the world have larger than life personalities and are very confident. You will very very rarely see famous people and leaders that are not confident. In order to gain a high and respectable stature, in whatever society you may be in, you need to learn confidence and show that you have it in a public setting. This can be anything as simple as volunteering to speak first or speaking with a proper clear and proper volume. 

It is important to be in control of your own self-confidence. Being in control ensures that you will not require affirmation from others, allowing you to do more with your life. 

    • Think & tell yourself positive things everyday: When you look in the mirror or a camera, you should tell yourself that you look nice. It doesn’t have to be out loud all the time, but when you repeatedly say things about yourself you start to believe it. If you thought to yourself “I’m fat” everyday you would start to believe it, even if you’re the skinniest person ever.
    • Throw your negative thoughts away: To get rid of negative thoughts, you can do things you genuinely enjoy or find things that will relax you such as meditating, going for a walk, practicing yoga, getting a massage, practicing yoga, etc.
    • Dress presentably: Dressing nice and looking presentable is an easy way to feel better about yourself. For most people, when they look bad they feel bad, so if you look good you will most likely start your day off on a positive note.
    • Proper grooming: Doing small things like taking a shower, shaving, exfoliating, treating yourself to a manicure or spa day from time to time can change your mood for the better, in an instant.
    • Find alone time for yourself: In order to do the things above you will need alone/free time. If you do not have that often try to incorporate the smaller things like extra grooming into your morning routine once or twice a week if necessary.
    • Learn more about yourself: You are your biggest enemy, find what makes you upset and what makes you think negatively of yourself and tackle it head on.
    • Expose yourself to new territories: Try new things that you find interesting you could end up falling in love with a new hobby. 
    • Be kind to others: Spread positive energy to those around you! In the end you will feel better about yourself by making others happy.


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