The 7 Trumpets Theory

A classical Bible story, angels will sound seven trumpets to signify the beginning of the end of the world. People claim to have already heard these warning sounds. (Photo permission of Wikimedia)

The Book of Revelation is the last book of the New Testament of the Bible. In Revelation 8:6, the “seven angels which had their seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.” The seven trumpets indicate the end of age and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. When the first of the seven is sounded, hail, fire, and blood will be thrown to Earth to burn a third of all plants on the planet. This sounds rather horrific, right? To build some more concern, people all around the world are beginning to wonder if they’re hearing the trumpets. Numerous reports of low vibrating hums, sounding much like horns, have appeared from countries across the globe. 

Tracing back to Kiev, Russia in 2011, the trumpet sounds have become a worldwide mystery. Thousands of videos circulated on YouTube in the early 2000s as cities from around the entire glove posted alleged recordings of the strange, offsetting phenomenon. It did not take long for people to begin jumping to conclusions and creating conspiracy theories about the sound. 

One of the first and most popular theories coincides with other hypotheses about the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Also known as HAARP, the organization was founded in the 1990s and built in Gakona, Alaska. The program aims instruments at the ionosphere of the Earth, attempting to analyze radio waves and enhance technology for communication and surveillance. For years, many people speculated that the government used HAARP as a means for controlling weather. After the program was transferred from the Air Force to the University of Alaska, however, conspiracy theorists took steps even further. 

Hugo Chavez, former Venezuelan leader, took a stab at the organization when he claimed that it caused the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. After this claim arose, people blamed many natural disasters, like tornadoes and tsunamis, on HAARP. Other theories have explained that the program can control human minds or alter reality. Most recently, some have assumed HAARP guilty for the trumpet noises, saying that the organization is causing the noises around the world. 

Science has become a common explanation for the cause of the noise. Solar plasma reacting with the Earth’s magnetic field has the potential to rupture a continuation of sound waves and create a terrifying noise. The movement of tectonic plates, lesser than earthquakes, could also be a possible explanation for the “trumpets.” However, theorists point out that these sounds should have began many, many years ago if this were the case. If nature was a simple explanation, the noises should be commonplace as the Earth is always in motion. 

Alien enthusiasts claim that the seven trumpets are a result of UFOs in the sky. Realists say that many of the videos have tweaked audio or the sounds are simply a result of construction work. Perhaps the most interesting theory, though, is the idea that five of the seven trumpets have actually already been sounded. 

Trumpet one is a storm of blood, fire, and hail. During World War I, troops used chemical agents and artillery shells for the first time, killing more than 8 million people. Troops also burned vast spaces of land to eliminate man-made weapons. World War II soldiers sunk approximately one third of the ships involved, an action described by the sounding of trumpet two. Trumpet three explains that a star, called Wormwood, will fall and destroy a third of the waters. “Chernobyl” in Russian means Wormwood, and just as the prophet said, the nuclear disaster contaminated more than a third of the water in Europe and Western Asia. 

The fourth and fifth trumpet are also described in the theory, and the sixth and seventh are assumed soon to follow. People truly believe that this will be the proof of God’s will and establishment of his Kingdom. The sinning humans will be killed and the faithful ones will gain forgiveness and will be saved. 

Do the trumpet noises explain the World Wars and similar disasters around the world? Is HAARP faking the noises as a cover for controlling the weather or minds? Are people over complicating natural sounds of planet Earth? Are aliens visiting our land and creating these noises? Have the angels already sounded five of the seven trumpets? People may never discover the truth of the trumpets, however every person shares their own opinion on the situation. While this may be the end of the planet, it also may not be anything but tectonic plate movement. 


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