Leesville Liaisons

2019-2020 Liaisons come together for a yearbook photo. These students will spend their year giving tours to new students coming to Leesville High. Photo used with permission from Matthew Leveque.

Leesville has created a program for new students arriving to Leesville. Liaisons is a group of veteran students who come together to help new kids feel more welcome in the community.

These students are usually people who have been at Leesville for over two years, are friendly to strangers, and have a good grasp on the layout of the school. These qualities are important because the Liaisons full purpose is to not only make the student feel welcome, but also teach them where their classes are, who their teachers are, and the best way to get through the school.

Most tours are formatted as one Liaison and two to three new students, either after school or during first period. This way, it’s a close face to face tour, where students are able to ask any questions based off their personal schedule or interests. The Liaison walks the student’s classes based off their schedules, and talk to them about Leesville as a school and their teachers.

Liaisons also introduce them to student services, the attendance office, and how systems such as the library, gym, and lunch operate.

The other system of tours is parent tours. This is a one on one tour with a liaison and the student’s family. Tours are usually a way to comfort parents, so they know their student is not alone or going to be lost in school. This also gives the parents an opportunity to get their questions answered, when wondering about the grading system, teachers homework, and more.

In order to be accepted into Liaisons, students must be a junior or senior, and must grab an application from student services. The application includes things such as hobbies, sports played, and why that student is excited about helping new students and how they would make a good fit.

Leesville Liaisons are extremely important in helping students feel welcome in the school community, helping freshmen or transfer students feel as if they are already a part of the loonie family.


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