Justin Williams stepping away for the 2020 season

Justin is happy to take a picture with a fan. Williams cares about his supporters and his team even during the off season. (Photo used with permission by Christian Boccella)

The 2020 season is around the corner, and Carolina Hurricanes fans are already buying new gear and season tickets, and getting ready to see their favorite team back on the ice. The past season was lead by Justin Williams, a player drafted in 2000, who lead the canes to the Eastern Quarter Finals last year. Not only was he an amazing captain, Williams also brought more attention to the team than ever before. 

After each winning game, the team would have one player lead the ‘Storm Surge’, a post-game celebration created by Williams to excite the crowd.

Justin Williams revealed on September 2 that he was stepping down from playing the start of the 2020 season. According to ESPN, Williams said, “because of my current indecision, and without the type of mental and physical commitment that I’m accustomed to having, I’ve decided to step away from the game. This is the first time in my life that I’ve felt unsure of my aspirations with regards to hockey.

“The thing about Williams is he has experience, which is why he’s such a good captain, it’s going to be sad to not see him lead our team.” said Hannah Bond, a 12-year canes fan. 

Justin Williams is easily a player who is going to be remembered in the caniac family whether or not he chooses to continue his career in the 2019-2020 season. “I feel like he only stepped down because he doesn’t know how we’re going to do this year, but I feel like if we start doing good and are going to make the playoffs, I think he might rejoin the team for a playoff run,” said Michael Villanova, a junior Hurricanes player who has supported the team for years. 

There was no doubt that the playoff run the Canes had this year was partially helped by their captain Justin Williams, who had 23 goals and 30 assists while playing all 82 regular-season games last season, then had four goals and three assists during the Hurricanes’ three playoff rounds. The fans will miss him as a captain and an important player. 



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