Teaching students to handle finances after college

Students wait their turn at each table to learn whether or not they would need to spend money or could earn some. They each have different situations based on the “lives” volunteers gave students at the beginning of the session (Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Stocum).

For recently graduated college students, adulthood can seem like a daunting task. Finding a job, buying a house, are all things that can be difficult to do after college, but not without guidance from teachers.

Seniors taking Civics and Economics can partake in an event designed to help these future “adulting” problems. As they enter the Breezeway, students are given a job, marital status, income, and whether or not they have kids.

The whole event is run by Leesville’s very own Career Adviser, Ms. Canada. If you have any questions about college, jobs, or life after college, she is the faculty member for you. She’s been running this event for years and sees no reason to stop.

“I thought [the event] would be a good fit for seniors since they’re going to college next year, they might need a little information,” said Ms. Canada. “Seniors love it, I love it, everyone that’s involved loves it. It’s a really fun day, and they learn a lot of really good financial information.”

Then students must navigate each of the tables and decide between what they need and what they want. Students are faced with random situations and unfair advantages based on the lives given to them, for example bad credit card debt means a higher price on a car.

“We’re taking into consideration all the aspects of living after college…this is a really beneficial thing for us to do because a lot of us don’t really take these things into account…but eventually we all have to become independent and do our own thing and this is really going to help that,” said Michael Collier, senior.

It’s clear to see that the seniors appreciate Ms. Canada’s efforts and hopefully will benefit students for years to come.


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