Taylor Swift is Back Again

Taylor Swift’s “ME!” quickly became the most watched video on YouTube within 24 hours, accumulating a total of 65.2 million views in one day. The bubbly and bright song is carving the path for Swift’s seventh studio album. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)

On Friday, April 26 at midnight, Taylor Swift released her new single titled “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie. After keeping fans in the dark for months, new music from Swift has finally arrived.

Although fans were unsure of what to expect before the release, there was massive speculation about the singer’s next move. In early February, Swift began a theme of pastel posts adorned with butterflies, sparkles, and rainbows. What first sparked fans’ attention was the direct contrast to Reputation, her sixth studio album.

Reputation became available to fans in December of 2017. Swift released singles from the album prior to this, but the work still gained a lot of traction from fans and music critics alike. After her complete disappearance from the media, Swift returned to the music industry with quite a bang with Reputation.

An era of snakes, gold and red and black, and mischief was quite the turnaround from Swift’s earlier music. Largely accusing the media for her tarnished legacy, Reputation took a stand against the “haters” and fakes of the world. Many of the songs on the 2017 album were shady and provocative, much different from the old innocent, lighthearted country-pop music of Swift.

As soon as fans caught on to the new pastel, upbeat, and individualistic theme of Taylor’s seventh album, they created lots of buzz over what was going on. Swift continuously teased her new release for the preluding week, grabbing the attention of everyone involved in the music world. Finally, hours before the drop at the NFL Draft, the artist told a reporter about the single. Her excitement was apparent, along with the many Swifties across the globe.

At midnight, Swift’s social media released the link to the new music video. Just like her Instagram and Twitter, the video was full of bright colors and sparkly objects. Flowery sequin dresses, pastel pink butterflies and flowers, and glitter everywhere distinctly mark a new era of Taylor Swift.

The song itself is a tribute to individuality. Swift sings that “you’ll never find another like me!” and tells listeners about how she differs from the rest of the human population. Simultaneously, she encourages everyone else to do the same. The song also includes a simile relating people to rainbows, expressing originality and creativity.

“ME!” is a song with a catchy beat, a popular featured artist, and a strong message all wrapped into one. Even though fans are uncertain of what is coming next from the artist, there is one thing everyone knows for sure. Swift is achieving her goals for her seventh studio album thus far and is surprising and entertaining her fans all the while.


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