Senioritis Guest Writer: It Continues (Episode Four)

As graduation approaches, every time I hang out with friends, it feels like the end of an era. But even still, senioritis is still hitting hard. Phot used by permission of Isabel Daumen

The first day of  second semester. A time filled with the promise of a fresh, clean start with new teachers and classes. The night before had been a whirlwind for me, buying new binders and notebooks in order to prepare for my last semester in high school. However, little did I know my motivation would drop significantly not even a week after the beginning of the semester.

Junior Izzy believed that she would have motivation and enthusiasm to complete five AP classes, with two of them in the second semester. Junior Izzy thought that she would be able to resist the pull of senioritis. Junior Izzy was wrong. Coming home with those enormous two textbooks on the first day, I had this sinking feeling that I wouldn’t open either of them once.

Even more demotivating (ironically),  I was accepted into my dream college. My hard work over the past three and a half years has paid off, so my motivation to do anything has all but disappeared. The only saving factor is the fact that I have to maintain my grades only so that my admission is not revoked.

Even now writing this article, I have no real motivation to finish writing this other than the arbitrary grade Broer will ultimately give it.

Hopefully my motivation for school will not decrease even more than it already has–even now I feel myself reaching for my phone to watch Grey’s Anatomy while half studying for psychology.  

Send all your good vibes/motivation my way–




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