Queer Eye Season Three Review

The ‘Fab Five’--the group of gay men in Netflix’s Queer Eye--have gotten back together for Season Three in Kansas City, Missouri. Returning with 8 new episodes, viewers are sure to be binge-watching this new season. (Photo Public Domain)

On March 15, Netflix released season three of their original series–Queer Eye. The spin off of the early 2000s show–Queer Eye for the Straight Guy–features five gay men who work together to transform the looks and lives of different people.

This season the ‘Fab Five’– Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, and Bobby Berk– makeover 9 different people in 8 episodes. In the previous two seasons, they focused on staying true to the original show; the makeovers were mainly straight men who just didn’t have the best style.

This season, they branched out and started to feature many different kinds of people. Being in Kansas City, Missouri for all the episodes, diversity is very common and all people come from different backgrounds.

The episodes feature a female hunter, a children’s camp counselor, a pig master sister duo, an adopted and then abandoned black lesbian women, and so many more unique people.

Getting to see different stories from all kinds of people makes it possible for viewers to relate and be educated on new topics and ideas. The show helps not only to change the lives of those they makeover but to inspire viewers into making changes and realizing things about themselves that they may have been afraid to admit before.

The growth and new sense of confidence that every single person achieves after being with the ‘Fab Five’ takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. Watching the episodes brings everyone closer to the people they makeover and leads you to feel their emotions so deeply.

With the fun personalities of the ‘Fab Five’, the show is filled with entertainment. The different kinds of people featured also make the show relatable and enjoyable for anyone. There is not a single person who could watch this show and not find a way to associate their day-to-day lives with it. Because they emphasize so many different situations, it can be relatable for anyone.

I would recommend watching Queer Eye–especially season three–to anyone. It is entertaining and can be loved by anyone and everyone.


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