Recognizing Leesville’s Exceptional Staff

Mrs. Le poses in her classroom, room 146. All Leesville students who take Le’s class love her. She is deserving of all the praise she receives. Photo courtesy of Olivia Fontaine.

Leesville Road High School is filled with a multitude of supportive and kind-hearted teachers. Some teachers strive to create special and genuine relationships with their students. It is time to shine some light on the most loved teachers of Leesville.

After publishing an online poll for Leesville students to fill out, the data showed that Mr. McLemore, Mrs. Cade and Mrs. Le were some of Leesville’s top favorite teachers.

Michelle Le has been a teacher at Leesville Road High School for the past 1 year and a half. She teaches CTE classes, including Business Management and Microsoft & PowerPoint. As each semester comes and goes, Le strives to connect and bond with every student that enters her class. “I love getting to know my students and understanding their dreams and aspirations,” said Le.

“Mrs. Le is the best teacher at Leesville,” said Delaury Then, a freshman at Leesville. Students who take any of Le’s classes have found that her main goal is to make each student feel comfortable and accepted. “She brought joy to the classroom and always made the learning environment fun,” said Then.

Delaury isn’t the only student who admires the enthusiasm and hard work that Le puts into her teaching. “Mrs. Le helped and accommodated to every student. She built her classroom off of a foundation of trust,” said George Gerlets, a senior at Leesville.

It is clear to see that in her short time of teaching at Leesville Road High, Michelle Le has left a lasting imprint on each student who is lucky enough to take her class.

Although Mrs. Le is admired by her students, she shares the spotlight with a few others. Eugene McLemore is well-known at Leesville for his roaring music, contagious smile and cheerful attitude. Each of these features add to the list of reasons why Leesville students adore him.

“In Civics Honors, he was funny, kind, treated me like an equal, and made me enjoy class,” stated Holly Uppena, a senior at Leesville.  

McLemore is well-deserving of each student’s admiration and approval. He strives to help each and every student of Leesville feel welcome and comfortable. “My favorite part of teaching is the relationships I build with my kids! When someone comes to my classroom they become part of my Pride Tribe. I treat them like they are my family…” said McLemore.

The third and final favorite teacher of Leesville is Sarah Cade. On top of teaching at Leesville for the past six years, Mrs. Cade has also been coaching the women’s soccer team to victory. Students love her bubbly and compatible personality. “She was funny, she was relatable and she was very understanding with us about things going on outside of school,” stated Parker Bowman, a senior at Leesville.

Any student taking one of Mrs. Cade’s classes will quickly learn that her main focus is all student’s well-being, inside and out of school. “I really like that as a teacher, and as a coach, I have an opportunity to get to know students inside and outside of the classroom,” said Cade.

The students of Leesville recognize and value that amount of love that our teachers puts into their work. We notice the ones that go above and beyond for us, and it is truly appreciated.    



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