Pride football duo sign together to play at Limestone College

Dylan Reeves (left) and Jeremiah Stubbs (right) pose proudly with their teammate David Arukwe just minutes after signing their National Letters of Intent to Limestone College. (Photo used by permission of Jeremiah Stubbs)

Jeremiah Stubbs and Dylan Reeves, Leesville seniors, have played football together since sophomore year. On Thursday, February 28, the two signed their National Letters of Intent (NLI) to continue their football journeys together at Limestone College.

Stubbs and Reeves are key players for the Pride defense; Stubbs is a defensive tackle for the Pride, and Reeves is a defensive end. The two lead the Pride to a winning season with a 10-3 record and a third-round playoff appearance. With experience and hard work, they brought skill and leadership to the Pride football team this past season.

Stubbs and Reeves give football a great deal of credit for bringing them closer. Playing on the defensive side of the ball means the boys spend a lot of time together. “Football wouldn’t be the same without us, without the whole D line. We’re brothers, and it’s always a blessing to be on the field with each other…it’s a brotherhood for real, and we help each other play to best that we can,” said Reeves. Their relationship has grown beyond a friendship and they have become family.

Playing year-round together for three straight years has built a bond between Stubbs and Reeves that is unbreakable. Being constantly around each other has lead to the two knowing almost everything about each other on and off the field. “It’s been a good experience. I mean we both know each other and what we are going to do and what we are going to bring to the table every night,” said Stubbs.

Both Stubbs and Reeves say their brotherhood has helped them recognize each other’s moves on the field, which helps improve their performance on the defensive line together.

The boys agree football wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t playing together. The two not only better each other, they make the game fun and enjoyable. “We always make each other laugh, whether we’re talking trash to each other or about others. And on top of that we’re always there for each other if one of us needed something, we’re family,” said Reeves. This bond they have built both on and off the field convinced the two that they wanted to play together in college.

Stubbs and Reeves toured multiple school and football programs together. Both players received multiple offers from different schools; however, after touring Limestone together, something clicked. “We had visited different schools together and we felt like it was a good place for both of us to be, better than the other schools we visited,” said Stubbs.

Soon after their tour, Limestone offered scholarships to both Stubbs and Reeves. Shortly thereafter, the two announced their commitments on twitter. The signing of their NLI has made their commitments official. The two will be continuing their academic and athletic careers in Gaffney, South Carolina.

The boys look forward to what college has to offer. However, what they look forward to most is just continuing to build their friendship. “We look forward to being able to grow together and become the best people we can. Collegiate sports are usually where people find there long term friends and since we’re already like family our friendship is just going to get better,” said Reeves.

Adjusting to college life will be easier for them since they will be able to do it together. Limestone College is receiving some exceptional student athletes and even better people with Jeremiah Stubbs and Dylan Reeves. The Leesville community will not forget their impact on Pride football and will cherish the memories they formed watching these two players.


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