Valentine’s Day Blues

The day of love isn't perhaps that way for many. Throughout the year, love ought to be dispersed to each individual as equally as possible. (Photo courtesy of Cierra Short)

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a packed with love, and for many couples it was. With the thought of Valentine’s, automatically I think of flowers, chocolate candies, and hearts. I think of secret admirers finally getting their chance to “shoot their shot.”

For some,Valentine’s Day isn’t a day they look forward to. Past experiences of relationships may surface on this day and cause discouragement. For many like myself,you spend Valentine’s Day alone , making your own chocolate covered strawberries.

I am here to inform you that not all Valentine’s Day occasions may not always be this way. Whether man or woman, you will find someone that will love and appreciate you on this day sooner or later.

I feel as though on February 14, ladies and gentlemen shower their significant others with gifts only for the opportune moment, but true love is showing this same love and affection throughout the year. Many others agreed.

On February 14, I walked into work per usual, and a coworker asked, “What are your Valentine’s Day plans?.” As I suddenly looked up from my phone, it dawned on me that I didn’t have any, besides making myself the infamous chocolate-covered strawberries.

My coworker had a different viewpoint. He felt as Valentine’s Day was a day everyone should definitely celebrate and spend time with someone special. What if you would rather spend Valentine’s Day alone due to a previous heartbreak?

I wouldn’t say that I had a heartbreak, but I definitely feel as though in one of my past relationships, I felt unappreciated. Having a relationship just for Valentine’s Day is not worth feeling like you aren’t appreciated.

Through walking the halls of Leesville Road High School, I witnessed lots of ideal scenarios. Many girls received gifts like, huge teddy bears or stuffed animals, roses, chocolate hearts, edible baskets, bracelets with their significant other’s name or initials plated on, and a stop in the hallway for public recognition from their peers.

Needless to say Valentine’s Day is just a day. On Valentine’s Day for many kids at my job, it was a day to receive lots of sugar and make sure to act crazy at after school care. If you are experiencing the “Valentine’s Day Blues,” as I once was, I would recommend looking at the positives in your life right now. On Valentine’s Day, it would be ideal to spend it with a significant other, but just wait your turn. Your time will come for you to be showered with the correct type of love as well as the appreciation you need.


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