Teenage addiction, rehabilitation and renewal

The Insight Program has multiple locations across the United States, created with the hopes of helping addicted individuals beat their addiction. Sally is one of many who have attended the center in order to achieve sobriety. (Screen grab.)

Every day, we are surrounded by people. We do not know what’s going on in their lives or how it’s affecting them.

In recent weeks, Sally*, a Wake County high school student, returned back to school after a long break. Her high school absences were required to get both her focus and her health back on track. If you looked at her, you would never know her story. You would never see her pain or her struggle. It is time that some light be shed on the very real struggles of teenage drug addiction.

This is Sally’s story.

Partying is tempting in high school. It’s difficult to make the decision to do what is best for yourself, not what is the most enjoyable. Unfortunately, this was always a very difficult choice for Sally to make. A night out with friends, drinks and drugs were as good as it got. As the parties and craziness continued to take over Sally’s world, her parents grew more and more concerned about her. Eventually, they made the difficult decision to put her into rehabilitation treatment center. The center, located in Cary, North Carolina, is The Insight Program. Sally spent 7 months completing the outpatient program, and another 2 months completing inpatient treatment in Arizona.

But she was not alone. Sally had loving friends along the way, some coming from her same school in Wake County. She recognized that she would never be where she is today if she didn’t have the undying support of her close friends and family. Although attending The Insight Program wasn’t the highlight of Sally’s life, she understood that it was the best way to beat her addiction.

In addition to strengthening her fight against drugs and alcohol, the program helped Sally to connect with her parents. She learned to ask for help when she needed it.

Sally has now been back at her school for one week. Unfortunately, the first week back didn’t go quite as smoothly as she had hoped. People Sally didn’t even know were approaching her, asking her how she was and where she had been. She definitely had not missed the substantial stress brought on by high school. Other than these few uncomfortable encounters with curious classmates, her school days passed by quickly.

Sally will continue to attend rehabilitation meetings and functions to keep her new, sober life going in the right direction. With her bright future ahead of her, and her worst days behind her, Sally is ready for whatever life decides to throw her way.

*The individual’s name has been changed to protect their identity and privacy.


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