Saving Grace: Every Dog’s Safe Haven

Rihanna, a dog currently up for adoption, relaxes in a chair located in Saving Graces Farm. The farm acts as a playground for the dogs, complete with hundreds of toys, tennis balls, and food bowls. Saving Grace has created the meaningful life that these dogs have always wanted, and certainly deserve. (Photo used by permission of Bruce J Murdoch Photography.)

Hundreds of stray dogs wander lonely streets, either thrown out by their owners, lost from their homes, or born onto the streets. Saving Grace is a non-profit organization, located in Wake Forest, North Carolina, with the main goal of getting these dogs off of the streets and into loving homes. The organization was officially founded in 2004 and is currently responsible for placing 15,000 dogs into homes with adoring owners.

I have had nothing but great experiences with Saving Grace. My family wanted to help out the community by fostering dogs, so we contacted Saving Grace and got set up as a foster family. Not only does their fostering system allow families to help the community, but it gives them an opportunity to find their dream dog.

After fostering 14 dogs and puppies, my family was chosen to foster a tiny, malnourished puppy. The pocket-sized pup was the runt of the family, barely taller than the grass in our front yard. My family eagerly sprang to adopt the puppy after just two days of fostering him. Fletcher, the now fully grown mutt, has been the staple in our family for the past three years.

Saving Grace gave us the opportunity to find our dream dog, while simultaneously helping some dogs in need of aid.

The organization offers many “hands on” opportunities for residents of the community to assist with the animals. Fostering, volunteering and adoptions are always available to those looking to join the movement. Fundraisers and special events are other common ways the group reaches out to the community, in hopes of any donations or new faces to help maintain the dogs.

The countless ways to get involved give every member of surrounding communities the opportunity to join in with the movement. Some students of Leesville can even be found volunteering and helping out with the organization.  “Saving Grace helped me give back… by helping dogs adjust to a new life in the shelter. The events were structured well and led by the Saving Grace team,” said Olivia Dail, a current senior at Leesville. Dail has participated in multiple walks for Saving Grace, in hopes of bringing new attention to the group.

In addition to the initial goal of rescuing dogs from the streets, Saving Grace has moved to rescuing abused farm animals. Pigs, goats and chickens have joined the dogs at the organizations farm, solely dedicated to the housing of the animals.

Canines; no matter small, medium or large, are taken in and sheltered. Once rescued, the dogs are immediately found a spot at the farm, or a temporary spot with a foster family. All foster homes are given the responsibility of nurturing the dogs back to health. The families are given the opportunity to name each dog, allowing the formation of an unforgettable bond that neither owner, nor pet, will forget. Once the fostering period expires, the dogs are sent back to Saving Grace, neutered or spayed, and then relocated to a permanent home.

Hundreds of people have looked to Saving Grace to find their perfect pup. Some of these customers include students of Leesville. Eliza Bohinski, a current senior, shared her personal experience with the Saving Graces adoption agency. “The adoption process for our dog, Oakley, was really quick and simple… Since adopting him, my family has grown a lot closer,” said Bohinski.

It is obvious that Saving Grace is not only saving dogs, but adding the missing puzzle piece to warm-hearted families around the Triangle Area.

Saving Grace grants every individual in search of a 4-legged friend visibility of the dogs through their website, which displays every dog’s name, breed, sex, size, age and picture. The website is a great resource that adopters on the hunt can use to find the perfect dog.

Over the past 14 years of rescuing, nurturing and relocating canines in need, Saving Grace has formed into a very well-known organization in the community. The selfless workers and volunteers have put blood, sweat and tears into this project, and it does not go unnoticed. Our community is so grateful for the work that they accomplish and the good that they do for the animals in our area. We thank you Saving Grace; for the dogs you save, the families you complete and the happiness you create.


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