LRHS Cheer welcomes new coach Amy Sellers

The members of the cheer team proudly pose with their new coach, Amy Sellers, after cheering at the basketball games. Coach Sellers has been a great addition to the team and has already made a huge impact on the Leesville cheer program. (Photo used by permission of Amy Sellers)

On Wednesday, November 21, the Pride varsity cheer team announced its new coach — Amy Sellers. Coach Sellers has been coaching cheer for over 25 years and was a cheerleader at North Carolina State University herself; she also owned the first cheerleading gym in Wake County.

Her experience and expertise has led her to judge competitions, to choreograph routines, and to teach cheer summer camps all over North Carolina.

Coach Sellers is no doubt qualified for her new coaching position. Her love, passion, and dedication to the sport has made her a huge fan amongst the cheer team and the Leesville community. “I think that the coaching change is going to be very positive and I think that Coach Sellers can bring a lot of good advice and coaching to the program… she has a really positive attitude and you can tell that she cares a lot about everybody and she wants the best for all of us,” said Abigail Jenkins, senior at Leesville, and captain of the cheer team.

Leesville cheer is lucky to have Coach Sellers join the program, but Coach Sellers wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

“I wanted to coach at Leesville because I have been involved with this community and this school for quite some time. I love Leesville and nothing makes me happier than getting more involved with the athletic program through coaching,” said Sellers.

From the beginning, Sellers had her goal for the team in mind. “My goals for the team this year are to make great memories while increasing their knowledge and skills. I expect a lot out of them and I know they are more than capable of exceeding my expectations,” said Sellers.

Her plans for the team are already making a positive impact.

So far, Coach Sellers has already made improvements to the team that many cheerleaders are thankful for. “She first just started by giving us respect and then we automatically gave her our respect. And then she started changing some things in our routine to make it better, and she gave us new  music, and we’ve already progressed so much more than before,” said Tessa Hall, sophomore at Leesville, and member of the cheer team.

Almost every cheerleader agrees that Coach Sellers’s value of respect has been the most important change to the team. “She’s made respect a big thing for our team and that’s had a positive effect as the team respecting each other and the team respecting the coach” said Kristen Greene, senior at Leesville and member of the cheer team.

On top of establishing respect with the team, Coach Sellers’s changes to the cheer team’s routine has boosted team spirit. “I feel like overall it’s [the coaching change] been really great, I feel like at games we’ve been a lot more positive and we’ve all been happier” said Natalie Miller, junior at Leesville, and member of the cheer team.

The team has complete confidence going into competition season after Coach Sellers’s changes. “She came in right away and she had music ready for us for our routine; and she made a few changes to the routine that we think look really really good and are going to really help us out at competition,” said Olivia Dail, senior at Leesville, and captain of the cheer team. Having confidence going into competition is a big change from last year for the team.“I think it’s a lot better than previously, the team has definitely become a lot stronger, and were a lot more ready for competition than we have been” said Greene.

In just her first week of coaching, Coach Sellers has proven to be the perfect fit for the Leesville cheer team. “So far working with the team has been amazing. The team is so talented and they have welcomed me with open arms which has made the transition process very smooth for everyone involved,” said Sellers.

Join the Leesville community in welcoming Coach Sellers to the Leesville family and support the cheerleaders as they cheer on other Leesvilles athletes.


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