Leesville’s New Book Club

Book Club had their interest meeting in the library on November 28 to talk to potential members about their plans for the rest of the school year. (Photo courtesy of Keeli Johnson)

Book Club kicked off their first meeting on November 28. The biography section of the library hosted a group of about a dozen potential members as they explained what they have planned for the year.

Tiana Perry, president of the club, explained how her love of reading led her to want to start a Book Club.

“I really like to read, I really like the library a lot… I came here freshman year and tried to see if I could get some volunteer hours here just helping out and they told me it wasn’t really a thing that they do,” Perry said. Instead, she looked into the possibility of starting a book club.

“I found out they had actually stopped doing it because people weren’t coming, and they were giving out food, and they were only coming for the food, so I tried to think what could I do to make a difference so that people actually want to come to book club,” she said.

In order to get members involved, the club decided to create a bingo board with each square being a different kind of book to read. Some squares have genres such as nonfiction or graphic novel. Others say things like ‘a book that has been made into a movie or tv show’ and ‘a book that revolves around a holiday’. If someone gets a bingo then they get a prize.

“If someone has read a book and finished it ,and they want to complete a bingo square… they can give a summary of their book what it was about. Just discussing the books that we’ve all read to expand our horizons on books,” said Perry.

People can choose if they want to read a book by themselves or with a friend. If members wanted to read the same book as someone else or in a group, the club has a list of books that the school library has multiple copies of.

Their next meeting will be during A lunch on December 19, the Wednesday before winter break. After winter break, meetings will be during A lunch on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Since there are about six more months of the school year, they will have six more meetings– plenty of time to get a bingo!


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