Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD Tour Comes To Raleigh

Travis Scott performed in front of fans at PNC Arena on November 9 and encountered delays and technical difficulties. Scott did continue with the concert, performing a total of 32 songs off his extended discography. (Photo Courtesy of Maddie Bimonte)

Travis Scott commenced his first stadium arena tour across the US on November 8. The highly anticipated artist came to Raleigh for the second show of the tour. I was highly anticipating the concert, having bought tickets in September to see Travis Scott.

However, issues arose within the first leg of the tour. Scott brought pieces of a roller coaster to be functional during the concert, however for the show in Raleigh, parts arrived late causing the set up to be delayed.

The concert was pushed back, with many teens and young adults having to wait in the cold and rain. At around 7:00 pm, PNC Arena announced over loud speakers to the hundreds of fans outside that doors would not be opening until 9:00 pm. Lines stretched all around PNC, and even though I was able to sit in a car until 9:00 pm, many who were dropped off at the concert could not leave.

Joe Reter bought pit tickets and was outside PNC Arena at 6:00 pm. “While waiting outside for four hours was very tedious and aggravating, it made being at the concert and going crazy hearing one of the nation’s most popular artists even more enjoyable,” said Reter.

PNC Arena updated fans outside at around 9:00 pm that the doors would still not be opening due to “technical difficulties”. Scott also tweeted to reassure fans progress was being made and the show will commence soon. Photos began surfacing of the inside of PNC Arena with a barely completed stage. This continued until around 10:00 pm, when doors to get into the lobby of PNC opened; however the majority were still not in the arena itself. The lines turned into a giant mob outside the doors, and fans became more and more impatient, beginning to throw signs throughout the crowd, and later escalating to a mop and people.

I waited inside the PNC main lobby for about half an hour to forty-five minutes and witnessed multiple instances of parents frustrated with the circumstances surrounding the delays. Many demanding refunds as a flustered box office staff proceeded to handle the requests.

News spread throughout the crowds of multiple side entrances letting fans in quickly. One thing to mention about the side entrances is the lack of security surrounding them. While normal metal detectors were located in the South Entrance of the arena, the side door accessible to concert goers had no police on staff when I entered, as well as no metal detector or the requirement to check any bags.

As the arena filled up, opening act Trippie Redd came and visited those in the pit waiting for extended periods of time which excited the crowd. Unfortunately for the opening acts [Trippie Redd, Gunnar, and Sheck Wes], they were not able to perform their normal set.

Travis Scott came out at 11:30 and performed his first song “STARGAZING”.

As someone who almost fell asleep prior to the concert, Scott delivered an amazing performance which really put me in the mood and atmosphere for the concert.

Scott later showed off his rollercoaster during his second song “lose” which to me was a little lackluster. Though, it was the first time I had ever seen a working roller coaster at a concert, so it is impressive for him [Scott] to create such a new idea to bring on stage.

The concert as a whole was phenomenal, despite the technical difficulties. Scott visually outdid himself with fantastic graphics projected across the stage, and his energy through the entire show. Scott utilized a sheer curtain which would drape on both sides of the arena over the pit, projecting various images correlating to his songs.

Travis Scott did express during the concert his apologies for the delays saying to make it up he would like to send everyone who bought a ticket a t-shirt and a ticket to any show he will be performing in across the country. Yet there is no update on when the email detailing if and when any of this will occur. The concert ended at around 1:30 am and although so many issues arose with the delays and waiting, Travis Scott delivered the best performance he could to a large audience.

ASTROWORLD was visually the best concert I attended thus far and most likely would see another one of his in the future. His energy was infectious, and he continued throughout the whole show to include the audience in the concert, with bringing people up on stage, to handing out merchandise to a whole section.

ASTROWORLD was a one of a kind show and revolutionized my concert experiences. Travis Scott really proved the kind of artist he was and the talent he possesses. If you have not seen the show, you should buy tickets for another location now or you’ll wish you were there.


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