The Award for Underrated Artist of the Year Goes to…

Sigrid Raabe first began her career in 2017, with release of her debut song, “Don’t Kill My Vibe”. In 2018, BBC named her BBC Music Sound of 2018 (Photo courtesy of flick.r).

When most people ask me what my favorite song is, my answer usually surprises. They might expect someone like Taylor Swift or Logic, but my favorite artist is 22-year-old Sigrid Raabe, more commonly known as just Sigrid.

Most people have no idea who this artist is, which makes sense as she’s not in most mainstream music, but it shouldn’t be that way. Sigrid first made headway when her first single called “Strangers,” released in 2017, garnered more than 39 million views on the official music video and over 57 million plays on Spotify as of October 2018.

Although Sigrid is a native Norweigener, all of her songs are in English in order to appeal to a wider audience. So while Sigrid’s accent is noticeable, it adds a unique sound to the song that makes her stand out.

Her most recent release was a single titled “Sucker Punch”. The song describes Sigrid’s feelings towards someone, and how the feelings hit her “like a sucker punch” meaning that they were unexpected and caught her off guard.

Before “Sucker Punch”, Sigrid released her second album titled “Raw” featuring five songs. Some songs were more upbeat and catchy, while others are slower and feature more sentimental lyrics.

Sigrid released each song separately, which for me personally added a sense of excitement and kept me waiting for more every time. It’s easy to tell that Sigrid takes pride in her music and works long and hard on it to give the best product possible.

At first, I wasn’t a fan of certain songs like “Schedules”, “Focus”, and “Sucker Punch”. They all have very different and unique sounds with her unusual voice and incorporation of both piano and electronic sounds; but the more I listened, the more I loved them. Her songs are so filled with emotion, whether that be feelings of happiness or nostalgia, and just listening to them changes my mood.

When I’m in a bad mood, I’ll listen to “High Five” or “Schedules”, and I instantly feel happy from the upbeat tunes and feel the need to get up and dance. Or other times when I’m in the need for an emotional song

So for anyone out there that’s interested in new music that’s different from mainstream rap or pop, check out Sigrid on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music and she just might surprise you.


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