Halloween Traditions for Teenagers

On Halloween, carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds is an alternative for going trick-or-treating. The pumpkin patch on Leesville Road offers pumpkins of all sizes to carve and enjoy. (Photo courtesy of Maddie Bimonte)

Trick-or-Treating is arguably one of the most important traditions on Halloween. However, as kids become teenagers, many teens lose interest in going out for candy on Halloween night. Teenagers then have to explore other ideas for celebrating the holiday with their friends. Another rising issue with Halloween is which day it falls on each year, with teenagers having school the next day. This forces many teenagers to skip out on their typical plans and settle for enjoying their Halloween during the day.

While Trick-or-Treating has become less popular among teenagers, groups of friends get together and have a Halloween movie marathon. Megan Liebig, a junior, stayed in on Halloween night with her friends. “Last year, some friends and I got together and made a ton of food and watched scary movies,” said Liebig. Netflix has a wide variety of scary movies to watch as well as the tv network FreeForm, which hosts 31 days of Halloween. This year is a Hocus Pocus marathon which runs all day long.

A popular Halloween event for teenagers is Panic Point, in Youngsville, NC. The farm features a haunted corn maze and hayrides to provide people of all ages a scare. Panic Point has been open since 2011 and attracts groups throughout the entire month of October. They are mainly open on weekends with the exception being Halloween night. Panic Point also hosts a discounted rate the night before Halloween for high school students with their ID.

For those who do not enjoy the scary aspect of Halloween as much, it has become a popular trend to go to pumpkin patches and pose for fall photos with all their friends. Teenagers will buy pumpkins at local farms such as Page Farms and Gerties Pumpkin Patch, and bring them home to carve and roast pumpkin seeds. Bailie Cook, a junior, describes her previous Halloween experience. “Last year, my friends and I went to a pumpkin patch and we had a mini photo shoot. Since we don’t go out Halloween night because of school anymore, getting to enjoy Halloween has to happen during the day for us,” said Cook.

Halloween, while commonly associated with kids, still offers many opportunities for teenagers to enjoy. Trick-or-Treating is not the only option and event to partake in on Halloween. No one is too old or young to take part in an activity on Halloween, and with the options, Halloween has something for everyone.


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