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Welcome Señora Jones

Being the new kid is hard, but what about being the new teacher? Señora Jones is Leesville’s newest Spanish teacher, located in room 204. The new addition to the Pride family transferred from Tuckahoe High School, a school 512 miles away from Leesville and situated in New York.

Jones will be teaching three levels of Spanish–Leesville’s most popular world language– meaning each of her classes will be packed with students. When asked how Leesville differed from her old school, Jones’ immediate answer was the size difference. “The school that I came from last year, the entire school was probably about 400 students,” said Jones.

This is obviously a huge difference from Leesville’s student count of around 2,800 students.

Señora Jones explained that teaching had always been her passion and her main goal as a profession. “I always envisioned that I would become a teacher at some point in my life, I think that it’s something that’s in me… With teaching you have this knowledge… and you know how to communicate this knowledge,” said Jones.

Although this is Señora Jones’ first year at Leesville, she has been working as a teacher for 15 years. Through these many years of educating, she has formed herself into a very well-rounded instructor by teaching classes specialized in Spanish, Latin and global studies. From teaching these various classes, Señora Jones has shaped herself into quite an impressive teacher.

Leesville takes extreme pride in our teachers and staff, so we are very happy to find a teacher who fits with our school so well. We are proud and honored to welcome Señora Jones to the Pride.


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