Home News Students Discover Clubs at Leesville’s First Ever Club Fair

Students Discover Clubs at Leesville’s First Ever Club Fair

Students Discover Clubs at Leesville’s First Ever Club Fair
Many clubs created trifolds advertising their respective clubs at the first ever LRHS club fair. Students attending the club fair were able to walk through the library, learning new and interesting facts about the clubs. Photo courtesy of Isabel Daumen.

On the first two days of school, August 27 and 28, various LRHS clubs hosted a club fair in the media center during lunch. At the fair, student representatives from the clubs set up booths describing their clubs’ respective goals, activities, and purposes.

Several different organizations at Leesville advertised their clubs, presenting information such as meeting dates, interesting facts, and ways to get connected through Twitter, Instagram, and Remind 101.  

“In setting up a booth at the club fair, I hoped to advertise our club’s interest meeting and gain a wider pool of applicants for Model UN. If nothing else, we got our name out there,” said Kathryn Falcinelli, a Model UN officer.

Leesville’s Executive Council chose to initiate a club fair specifically designed for sophomores, juniors, and seniors after noting the success of Pride Launch with freshmen. During Pride Launch, new students learn about all of Leesville’s unique clubs and organizations and can even register as club members. During this event, many freshmen can discover new activities that they find interesting and even find their “home” in the school.

For many upperclassmen, however, it seems difficult to discover new clubs and activities at Leesville, especially since there is no equivalent to Pride Launch for returning Leesville students. So, this year, the council pioneered the effort to offer up a club fair for upperclassmen.

“We thought there were a lot of upperclassmen around the school who might want to get involved in various organizations. So, we wanted to have an opportunity for them to see what is offered in the school,” said Maggie Bell, Vice President of Executive Council.

“We just want kids to feel connected to each other and to have a place to belong to at Leesville, something that they look forward to, besides academics,” said Bell.

Due to the success of the club fair, executive council plans to continue the club fair in years to come. Now, upperclassmen and underclassmen alike can find their place in the Leesville community.

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