Senioritis: Only the First Week (Episode One)

The night before the first day of senior year, I chalked my parking spot in the senior lot. Looking back I realize that was my last night of being senioritis free. (Photo used by permission of Audrey Hemming).

Day 1, hour 3, 23 minutes, and approximately 47 seconds of senior year. Do I plan to catch a case of senioritis? Of course not. Do I know it will eventually overcome me? Absolutely.

You see, I come from a family of legends in the senioritis field. As a freshman new to Leesville, the degree of senioritis my older brother experienced completely perplexed me. He would have me read his textbooks to him while he was driving on our way to school. He was my ride, so I couldn’t exactly argue with him. He didn’t do a single homework or classwork assignment, he never did a project, and he only “studied” if he had a test — even then, I wouldn’t count your little sister reading to you as studying.

And his proudest senior stunt: never bringing his backpack to class after the first day of school.

My only goal is to not let my senioritis reach that level. If I manage to do so, I will feel like I accomplished something. And I’m sure my parents would be relieved that I didn’t follow in my brother’s footsteps.

I know myself well enough to know that I won’t make it through senior year without hitting some degree of senioritis. I know that once second semester hits, I’m probably going to check out. It’s first semester I’m worried about. My current classes aren’t terribly difficult, but my second semester is definitely a breeze compared to it. Even so, my schedule is packed. With cross country season, working, and applying for colleges on top of school, I’ll probably hit senioritis HARD.

To be honest, I don’t really feel like a senior yet. Besides chalking our spots in the senior lot and thinking about how I want to create my senior crown, everything has been similar. My motivation to complete school work, as of right now, is relatively the same compared to years past.

The ideal situation would be for senioritis to kick in at the end of second semester and to completely check out after spring break. That way, I will have gotten into a college, track season will be nearing its end, leaving me to focus on training for college running and spending as much time with friends before we go our separate ways when we leave for our respective colleges.

Or, who knows, maybe I won’t get senioritis at all.

Yeah right, good one Hannah.


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