Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Senior year has begun for Leesville Road High School’s class of 2019. As the students kick off their final year at Leesville, they can take advantage of the perks that come with being a senior.

Many students may wonder what privileges can be provided for seniors. “We get to park in the senior lot, which is closer to the school and faster to get out,” said Anna Carrigan, a current senior at Leesville Road High School. This allows seniors to enter and exit the parking lot much faster than other underclassmen, like juniors and sophomores, whose spots are located farther back in the lot.

Senior students can be rewarded for consistent hard work and commitment to their career at Leesville Road High School. Exam exemptions can be earned by diligent students, under the conditions of not exceeding a certain number of absences and maintaining high grades in the class they wish to be exempted from.

Although seniors do receive some benefits and advantages during their last year, some students might argue that they deserve more. “We should have more things we can get out of class for, like things we can do as seniors. For example, all of us seniors being able to leave class and gather together. I think a senior social would be really fun,” said Carrigan.

Creating a special and memorable senior year is very important to many students at Leesville, in regards to grades, friendships, and extracurricular activities.

Seniors receive special privileges as a reward for reaching their fourth and final year of high school. To get these advantages, seniors must prove to be mature and punctual students, who can handle the privileges that will be bestowed upon them. Leesville students understand these expectations and strive to reach them every day.

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