New Headphone Policy Signals New Era For Leesville

Posters reminding the students of the new policy hang on Mr. Argao's door. While some teachers will let students listen to music, others are trying to engage students by eliminating the technology. (Photo courtesy of Ellie Bruno.)

There are some new changes coming to Leesville this year, including new security systems and policies; one being a restriction on headphones during educational time. Unlike years prior, students are now unable to listen to music during times of independent work or when instructional time is over unless the teacher says otherwise.

“The ultimate goal obviously is to encourage student learning,” Dr. Muttillo said in an interview. While the policy varies from teacher to teacher, the rule has been implemented to “protect instructional time… time when teachers are delivering content.” Muttillo states that “what we have found over the past few years [walking into classrooms], kids have headphones on, and the teacher is presenting material that they are clearly not accessing,” leading to some students not understanding the content of the class.

However with this new change, over the next couple months the classroom should become a place where “students and teachers are talking to each other… not one where students are working in isolation.”

This new era reaching Leesville is centered around collaboration between students and staff, hoping to eliminate any barriers and optimizing learning opportunities for all; instead of letting the student body suffer from miscommunication and missed opportunities. While technology can be helpful and educational, it can prove to be a distraction if used improperly. This year, the administration has a goal — to harness the positive effect technology can have on our school to build a better Leesville for all.


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