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Leesville Liaisons Host Another Successful New Student Lunch

During the first three days of the 2018-2019 school year, Leesville Liaisons organized new student lunches in order to introduce new students to the Leesville community. The lunch offered a variety of food spanning from chips to cookies to sodas. Liaisons socialized with the new students, talking about the clubs and activities offered at Leesville.

Ryan Young, a new student to Leesville, felt nervous when initially while attending the New Student Lunch. “The liaisons helped us feel welcome by introducing themselves,” said Young .

Daryn Wilkerson, a senior and executive officer of Leesville Liaison, was excited to introduce new students to Leesville Road High School. “I do think they’re successful because food attracts everyone, which allows Liaisons to have face to face time with many new students for an extended period of time,” said Wilkerson via text.

At the lunch, Liaisons wore name tags that advertised, “Ask me about Anything.” These topics ranged from sports such as football and gymnastics to clubs such as Executive Council and Spanish Club.

Dr. Huber, an advisor to Leesville Liaisons, has many goals to incorporate new students into Leesville. “The goal of the New Student Lunches is to have a welcoming place where new students can have other students to eat lunch with and to learn more about Leesville. Lunch can be an intimidating time when you are new and don’t know anyone. The lunches provide a friendly environment where new students can meet liaisons and ask questions about Leesville and our community, as well as meet other new students. ,” said Huber.

Leesville Liaisons hold a variety of activities throughout the year that try to immerse new students into the community, from accompanied visits to football games and theatre shows to a Holiday cookie party. Leesville Liaisons are vigilant in making sure that new and transfer students never feel excluded.



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