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Last Weekend of Summer

Last Weekend of Summer
Over Labor Day weekend, students did a variety of activities with one being a football game at Liberty University. The football game took place at the home field in Virginia. (Photo used by permission of Stephen Talbott).

The reward after the first week of school for students comes in the form of Labor Day weekend. It is often considered the last weekend of summer and for many, it is the last opportunity to get in a vacation.

Many students travel last minute and get a last beach trip, while others choose to stay home and relax.

Stephen Talbott, a sophomore who went to watch a college football game at Liberty University in Virginia. “My brother got accepted to Liberty, and our family went to tour the school for him,” Stephen said. Visiting Liberty had it’s positives for Stephen Talbott, “I now know what I want to focus on for college. It was really helpful,” Talbott said.

Rachel Fearn, a junior went to Charlotte, NC to see a junior hockey game in which her boyfriend played in. “Even though the final score was 7-3, it was really fun to watch and I don’t regret coming,” said Fearn.

Elise DeCamp, a sophomore vacationed to Bath, NC, an estuary where she stayed on a lake with her friend. “We jumped in her pool and hung out in the lake,” said DeCamp. However, it was not exactly the trip she envisioned, “My parents forced me to go with her,” said DeCamp.

While being able to sleep in late for one more Monday has its pros, the long weekend causes students sleep schedules to become wonky and makes many reluctant in returning to school the following Tuesday. Students complain mainly about waking up again at an early time.  “I knew it would be hard going back anyways, but because of how early school starts, I still was not used to waking up,” Rachel Fearn said.

Even though Labor Day weekend is over, there is still a handful of three day weekends throughout the school year, where students can travel and have a break.

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