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2018 Spirit Week

Spirit Week is fast approaching for Leesville Road High School and is set to commence in the first week of October. Monday is designated as marvelous Monday, Tuesday as character day Tuesday, Wednesday as genre Wednesday, Thursday is throwback to old Hollywood and of course, green out Friday.

Executive council is in charge of deciding the theme of each day, but how do these ideas form? First, Executive council first comes up with a general Homecoming theme. To make this decision, the council breaks up into groups and has a brainstorming session to come up with as many ideas as possible.

The top three ideas are then selected by vote and sent to Administration to be approved. “This year Hollywood Hills was our top theme and it got approved so it became the official Homecoming theme,” said Cece Marks, president of Executive Council.

Themes for the individual days of spirit week are decided in a similar way as well, but this time the council comes up with 5-6 ideas. “The four ideas with the most votes become the primary days, and two more are usually listed as back-ups for administration.” said Marks. In order to keep spirit week as enjoyable as possible student council takes previous years themes into consideration. “We don’t want to have repeats. We want to pick spirit days that will get the most participation possible,” said Marks.  

Spirit week is a national event that millions of high school students partake in every year. This year, the individual themes are sure to be enjoyable to students of all ages in the Leesville community.


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