beerbongs & bentleys Review

Featured on multiple major music streaming applications, beerbongs & bentleys is topping the charts around the world. On Spotify, as of May 4, all 18 songs on the album sit in the Top 50 songs in the United States. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)

On Friday, April 27, Austin “Post” Malone released his sophomore album, titled beerbongs & bentleys. Originally expected to drop in December 2017, the rapper has finally released his new track. When the world-famous rapper informed listeners that he needed more time to work on perfecting his album, the music world expressed much disappointment.

Nearly five months later, Malone’s supporters finally were able to listen to his second album and welcomed it with immense encouragement and excitement. The record features 18 songs, some are ballads but others are much more upbeat and catchy.

Like Stoney, Post’s previous album, beerbongs and bentleys exemplifies themes of love, fame, and a designer lifestyle. He also features multiple popular artists, such as Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy, that add another level of “cool” to the new album by attracting their fans as well.

As a Post Malone fan myself, I loved his freshman album Stoney. Some songs are quality and great to listen to before workouts, while others are perfect for quiet study time or relaxing. Because of the immense success that Malone had with Stoney, I had high expectations for the next album.

Fortunately, I am yet again impressed by Post Malone’s music skills. Both the lyrics and tunes of every single song on beerbongs and bentleys are entertaining. The album is another masterpiece to add to Post’s growing list of prosperous productions.

My personal favorite song is “Better Now”, an anthem about moving on and being better than an ex. Most of the song explains how Malone would have done anything for his old romance, but when that was taken for granted, he was extremely hurt. Now, he is stronger and over the girl he used to love.

Not only does the song have a good moral, it also shows the rapper’s growth since his previous album. Fans have agreed that “Better Now” is probably about the same girl that “I Fall Apart”–a tragic love song from Stoney–is about. In “I Fall Apart”, Malone sings about his sad romantic feelings. Now, on this album, he seems rather alleviated from the pain and shows that he has moved on to improving his own life.

Other highlights from beerbongs and bentleys include “92 Explorer”, a catchy and upbeat song about Post’s customized 1992 Ford Explorer, and “Spoil My Night” with Swae Lee that discusses interrupting feelings about women.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with Austin Malone’s, and I think that the wait for the album was worth it. beerbongs and bentleys illustrates many different emotions but keeps fans interested and continuously captivated.

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