Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

After experiencing my first cruise, my opinion on vacationing will never be the same. You may be asking, what is so special about a cruise? The answer is everything.

From the minute I boarded the Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship, I was blown away; the ship was accommodated with everything! We spent the couple hours we had before leaving port exploring all the ship had to offer. I was surprised to learn their was a casino, spa, and even a full sized theater on the ship. Along with that, there were three dining rooms, and two large breakfast and lunch buffets surrounding the Lido deck.

The greatest aspect of the ship is the fact that once you’re on board everything is all inclusive, meaning unlimited food, drinks, and desserts that are available whenever you desire them. This aspect of the cruise takes away all the stress of either cooking or going out for food; problems faced by those who vacation other ways.

On top of the all inclusive perks — there is constant entertainment offered on and off the ship; making it is impossible to be bored on a cruise. Each day you wake up to a page long list of activities starting from daybreak to midnight slid under your door. Throughout the day you can enjoy fun activities such as jewelry raffles, trivia, or even witness the hilarious hairy chest competition on the Lido deck. After a day full of fun and games, you can start your evening by attending one of the performances in the theater by an amazing cast.

Along with the endless fun on the ship, you can also book excursions off the ship as well. Our ship travelled to The Bahamas making two stops — one on Carnival’s private island (Princess Cay) and Nassau.

Through Carnival, we booked a great, reasonable priced excursion to take a Catamaran sailboat to a reef for snorkeling. This was an experience I personally will never forget and couldn’t have done anywhere else.

Believe it or not, these are only some of the highlights from my cruise experience. My trip was five days full of fun that I will never forget. I recommend that everyone look into taking a cruise for their next vacation, you won’t regret it.

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