The Wedding Singer

Cast members, production team, and directors spent as many as 7-8 hours after school preparing for the Wedding Singer. Auditions were in late January and the department had 3 months to memorize lines, practice scenes, and create props for the musical. (Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Stocum)

On April 18-21, the LRHS Theatre Department performed the Wedding Singer, a 2006 musical based upon the 1998 movies written by Tim Herlihy.

Katrina Tarson, also the director of soft tech, directed all the performances alongside Jeannine Wrayno, the director of hard tech. Soft tech relates to hair, makeup, and wardrobe while hard tech relates to set and props.

The play stars Garrett Noga as Robbie Hart and Loren Wait as Julia Sullivan. Robbie is the lead singer of a band who plays at weddings, while Julia works at the reception halls where Robbie’s band plays.

The two meet at one of the weddings held at the reception hall and they become immediate friends. Throughout the play, the two develop feelings for each other after Robbie is left at the altar by his fiancée Linda. Meanwhile, Julia realizes she was only marrying her fiancé Glen for financial security.

In the end, Robbie stops Glen and Julia’s wedding while by serenading Julia with the romantic love ballad, “Grow Old with You”. Julia realizes who she is truly in love with, and she and Robbie are happily married in the end.

I feel like I say this after every play or musical, but I really enjoyed going to this musical. I loved the lighthearted atmosphere and ‘80s gags which surprisingly, I understood. But most of all, I definitely have to give props to the hair, makeup, and costume department.

The ‘80s were certainly a time of crazy hair, makeup and unique clothing ranging from shoulder pads to leg warmers, and getting 35+ cast members to do quick costume and hair changes is not an easy task.

My favorite character was probably Robbie. As per usual, Garrett Noga did amazing in this role and really made it his own character. I was constantly laughing at Robbie, especially when he was stuck in a dumpster due to an incident at one of his many wedding gigs.

Time and time again, I’m shocked at the incredible talent of the whole LRHS Theatre Department, from the singing and acting, to the props and costumes. Although many of the amazing actors are seniors and will be leaving this year, there are many great juniors, sophomores, and freshman who can take on the roles left behind by seniors.


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